Arihant Tournesol Ltd Management Discussions.


Management Discussion & Analysis (MDA) is a report which enables the investors to see the company "through the eyes of Management" MDA provides material, historical and Prospective disclosure that enables the Investors and other user of information to access the financial condition, change in financial condition and result of operations of public Company, especially the companys Prospectus for the future.

Industry structure and developments

Indian economy is going through a period of rapid financial liberalisation1. Today, the intermediation1 is being conducted by a wide range of financial institutions through a plethora of customer friendly financial products. This growth is likely to be sustainable on the back of the Governments focus on industrial activities, infrastructure development and ease of doing business. In India, investment opportunities are huge.

The Governments focus is on development and inductive growth. With seamless execution, focus on process improvement providing end to end solutions to customer and quality operation, the company continues to deliver in its focus areas of investment activities.

Opportunities and threats: -

The Government of India has set up Invest India as the national investment promotion and facilitation agency under the initiative. In addition, a full-fledged Investment Facilitation Cell has been set-up primarily to support all investment queries as well as to handhold and Liaise with various agencies on behalf of potential investors.

The primary reason for growth in the investment industry can be attributed to increasing trade reforms in Government Policy, increased Government spending on investment sector and rise in domestic consumption. The change in the political and social conditions, the monetary and interest rate policies of India and other countries have also helped in maintaining the momentum in line investment activities of the Company. The management is focus on overall growth of the Company.

Constant fluctuations due to interest rate fluctuations, downstream in business cycle, economic recession and other economic factors which are beyond the control has placed some threat on the Company policies in investment decisions. Frequently updates in regulatory market and law are constant challenge for smooth operations of the Company"

Further, opportunities bring itself competition. The different levels of competition have led to the price cutting as well.

Segment-wise or product-wise performance:-

During the year under review, Company has not carried out any business. The Company, with superior methodologies and improved process and systems, will focus on positioning the revenues and lead towards high growth path in future.

The Company is only operating in one segment.


The presence of a stable government at the centre will be a major catalyst in taking major decisions which would push forward the pace of reforms and thereby directly improving the macro-economic environment It is now being forecasted that in the near future, the Indian economy will become the fastest growing emerging market.

The Government is looking at easing investment conditions in India and focusing on project clearances. Also is expected to see a rush of foreign direct investments (FDI) coming into India supported by FII inflows, thanks to liberalising the defence, insurance and construction sectors.

Risks and areas of concern:-

Your Company ensures that appropriate risk management limits, control mechanisms and mitigation strategies are in place through its efficient and effective Internal Control System and the same completely corresponds to its size, scale and complexity of operations. The Company strives to put several checks and balances in place to ensure that confidentiality is maintained. Effective procedures and mechanisms are rolled out by a full-fledge Internal Audit System to ensure that the interest of the Company is safeguarded at all times. In addition to this, the Risk Assessment policy of the organization is reviewed on a quarterly basis by the Audit Committee / Board of Directors of your Company.

Internal control systems and their adequacy:-

The Company has carried out the internal audit in-house and has ensure that recording and reporting are adequate and proper, the internal controls exist in the system and that sufficient measures are taken to update the internal control system. The system also ensures that all transaction are appropriately authorised, recorded and reported. Exercises for safeguarding assets and protection against unauthorised use are undertaken from time to time. The Companys audit Committee reviewed the internal control system. All efforts are being made to make the internal control systems more effective. All these measures are continuously reviewed by the management and as and when necessary improvements are affected.

Discussion on financial performance with respect to operational performance:-

The financial statements have been prepared in compliance with the requirements of the Companies Act, 2013 and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in India.

Material developments in human resources/industrial relations front, including number of people employed:-

The Company is committed in ensuring that the work environment at all its locations is conducive to fair, safe and harmonious relations between employees. It strongly believes in maintaining dignity of all its employees, irrespective of their gender or seniority. Discrimination and harassment of any type are strictly prohibited.

Cautionary Statement:-

The statements in the "Management Discussion and Analysis Report" section describes the Companys objectives, projections, estimates, expectations and predictions, which may be "forward looking statements" within the meaning of the applicable laws and regulations. The annual results can differ materially from those expressed or implied, depending upon the economic and climatic conditions, Government policies and other incidental factors.

For and on behalf of the Board of Directors
Anand Kalyanchand Thole
Whole Time Director