B2B Software Technologies Ltd Management Discussions.

B2B - Health Care Division

The Healthcare Information Technology industry continued to evolve in 2014 with new coding standards coming to the forefront. Perhaps the most noteworthy change is the transition to ICD-10, a far more comprehensive coding standard than its predecessor, ICD-9. In addition, GeniusDoc has made strides to expand on its electronic prescribing functionality by including the ability to prescribe controlled substances (EPCS) as well as send clinical messages.

The initial flurry of Meaningful Use incentives is drawing to a close, thus putting many physicians at a crossroads. Either tolerate their EHR for the foreseeable future or undertake the painful process of finding and implementing a new EHR throughout their practice. Fortunately, GeniusDoc has been able to reap the benefits of its favorable reputation in the medical community as several practices have moved on from less desirable EHRs to GeniusDoc based largely on word of mouth. Consequently, this transition has helped GeniusDoc expand its reach into previously untapped regions like the Pacific Northwest (i.e. Washington) and the Southeast (i.e Alabama). The last few years have also featured a wave of hospitals buying out private practices as well as consolidation. The movement towards hospital settings has not fazed GeniusDoc as practices have gone to great lengths to ensure that they are still able to use the application despite the change in ownership. The increase in consolidation has allowed the company to leverage its existing customer base as physicians and practices are joining GeniusDoc affiliated practices.

One of the hallmarks of GeniusDoc is its commitment to constantly improving the product both internally through customer feedback and externally by integrating third parties into the application. Beyond servicing the expected medical needs of practices, GeniusDoc has matured into an incredibly robust practice management application capable of accommodating multiple workflows. In fact, many practices have incorporated the GeniusDoc Patient Portal into their workflow to reduce the burden on front office staff as well as improve transparency with patients. Moreover, several practices have leveraged the tools inside of GeniusDoc to streamline patient visits (i.e. Dashboard, Synopsis, etc.) by tapping into a horde of readily available information.

GeniusDoc collaborated with notable credit card processor, TransFirst, to develop an integrated solution that streamlines payment workflow in front offices. Along those lines, GeniusDoc also worked with an appointment reminder service, Callpointe, to relieve the burden placed on front offices to constantly reach out to patients to confirm patient appointments.

In short, the future continues to look bright for GeniusDoc as the product continues to mature and evolve while the customer base grows.

B2B in the Microsoft Dynamics world

B2B is Indias leading provider of business consulting services delivering exceptional service and sustainable value through consulting, software and IT implementation in Microsoft Dynamics World. Ourdiverse clientele includes mid-sized companies and larger enterprises.

As a Microsoft partner - B2B advances and adds value to Microsofts leading business solutions and client relationships by ensuring that companies get the highest level of attention, expertise and results from Microsoft technology.

With more than 200+ client engagements, B2B leverages its deep expertise in Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft technology to deliver a competitive edge to organizations worldwide.

B2B LIFT is certified by Third Party Consulting Company for GMP.

Our Reseller base is consistently increasing with more than 200 add-on sales in India and Abroad. Our Reseller base abroad spreads across, USA, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Australia, Belgium, South Africa, UAE, Kenya, Nigeria, Mauritius and Middle East.

B2B development team has developed HR & Payroll add-ons specific to different countries for Microsoft Dynamics Partners on NAV and AX.

Our expertise and understanding of Microsofts suite of products combined with our industry knowledge and consulting experience enables us to quickly focus on selling and providing services related to Microsoft Dynamics Products

Our relationship with Microsoft has contributed to our ability to expand and maintain our worldwide presence, enabled us to provide input on product enhancement and gain access to Microsoft resources that facilitate product placement and services opportunities in the market

Risk and Risk Mitigations:

Microsoft Dynamics being a growing business, new entrants into the market and competition will continue to exert pricing pressure undermining industry profitability, Strategic positioning and generating higher level of economic value by continuing to build IP and offer value added services around verticals and add-ons is mandatory.

Scale of operations is limited to the existing level unless a fresh funding route is identified.