Beryl Securities Ltd Management Discussions.


Rapidly changing global economic & business conditions and technological innovation are creating an increasingly competitive environment that is driving companies to transform their operations globally. While the expectations of the customers have increased manifold; your Company is committed to satisfy the clients with improved quality and accelerated delivery schedules with a focus on developing long term relationships and strengthening strategic partnerships.

The Companys primary business is stock broking. The Company operates in the capital market, future and options segment, wholesale, debt market segment and the currency derivative segment.

The Company remains committed to the broking business and its investor and have exciting projects in the pipeline which will be pursued with full vigor once market conditions improve.

There has been no occurrence of any event or circumstance since the date of the last financial statements that may materially and adversely affect or is likely to affect the trading or profitability of our Company or the value of our assets or our ability to pay our liabilities.


The Non Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) have come a long way from the era of concentrated regional operations, lesser credibility and poor risk management practices to highly sophisticated operations. NBFCs are now recognized as complementary to the banking system capable of absorbing shocks and spreading risks at the times of financial distress. The RBI also recognizes them as an integral part of the financial system and trying to improve credibility of the entire sector.

New opportunities like home equity, credit cards, personal finance etc. expected to take NBFCs to a new level. Growth in all these segments is sustainable at a higher rate than before given the low penetration and changing demography in the country.

The Company is looking to reduce its exposure to the broking sector and plans on entering other business in finance and technology. The Company will focus its energies on expanding horizons and rapidly expanding other promising field.


During the year the Company has achieved an Income of Rs 7090502/- compared to Rs. 6249100/-. Net profit after tax stood at 2653117/-, as against Rs. 4428718/- in the previous fiscal year.

The Companys income other than interest income includes a major portion from the profit includes NPA provision written back and provision for income tax only. The Company is taking steps to generate more income from its core activities in the upcoming period.


Since the Companys entire business is conducted within India. Hence there is no reportable geographical segment for the year. Moreover the Company is mainly engaged in the business of "Finance & Investment". All the activity of the Company revolves around the main business and as such in the opinion of the management. Hence, Accounting Standard on Segment Reporting (AS-17) issued by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India does not apply.


The Company is looking at opportunities in the short term that offer quick growth and steady cash flow and is looking to establish the framework that will allow the exploitation of opportunities that will arise in the long term. The Company sees short term opportunities in the consumer services business and a long term opportunity in low cost and micro finance and broking services.

Threats: i. High Cost of funds. ii. Assets Quality deterioration may not only wipe out profits but also net growth. iii. Growing retail thrust within banks iv. Uncertain capital market conditions. v. High Investment Risks.


The business of the company totally depends upon the changes taking place in the economy either it be relating to fluctuations in stock and capital market, regulations governing such markets, government policies, taxation policies, changes taking place in global economies, etc. Deriving from the long years of experience in financing and trading in securities. Your Companys credit policy framework is designed to provide the right balance between business growth and portfolio quality. The Companys philosophy of not outsourcing the credit appraisal process has ensured that credit filters are uniformly applied by experienced and well-trained employees. The growth of industry provides necessary opportunities for the company to grow. However the company is under constant pressure due to steep competition from unorganized sector and industrial scenario in the nearby area.

Our Company has a diversified source of income still economic slowdown, increase in interest rate, political instability remain key concerns. Our business continues to remain linked with the economic performance of the country. Companys performance shall be affected if stock markets were to decline sharply. Increased completion is also a cause of concern. Availability and retention of manpower is also a key considering the growing number of opportunity and increasing number of players in this field.


The Global economy seems to be week and another recession is very likely given the current circumstances. The Company expects inflation to remain a primary concern and impediment to growth. Established sectors in India have high entry barriers and will continue to remain so however even during period of recession, the Company forecast the maturing of the consumer oriented services industry.

Factors that may affect results of the operations:

Financial conditions and results of operations of the company are affected by numerous factors inter alia-

• Growth of unorganized sector and threat from local regional players

• Changes in the market environment.

• Change in freight and forwarding charges

• General economic and business conditions

• Companys ability to successfully implement our growth strategy

• Prices of raw materials the company consume and the products it manufacture

• Changes in laws and regulations relating to the industry in which the company operates

• Changes in political and social conditions in India

• Any adverse outcome in the legal proceedings in which the company is involved

• The loss or shutdown of operations of our Company at any time due to strike or labour unrest or any other reason.

• Inadequate handling of confidential business information


The Company has a defined organization structure and has developed well policy guidelines with predefined authority levels. An extensive system of internal controls to ensure optimal utilization of resources and accurate reporting of financial transactions and strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations has also been implemented. The Company has put in place sufficient systems to ensure that assets are safeguarded against loss from unauthorized use or disposition, and that transactions are authorized, recorded and reported correctly. Also, the company has an exhaustive budgetary control system to monitor capital related as well as other costs, against approved budgets on an ongoing basis.


The Companys human resources philosophy is to establish and build a strong performance driven culture with greater accountability and responsibility at all levels. To that extent the Company views performance and capability as a combination of the right people in the right jobs, supported by the right processes, systems, structure and metrics.

The Industrial relations remained normal at all locations and there were no significant labour issues outstanding or remaining unresolved during the year. The Board of Directors and the Management wish to place on record their application of the efforts put in by all employees to achieve record performance. The ultimate aim of the management is to create a dependable work force that will play a key role in transforming this Company into a global player in the industry.

The industrial relations climate of the Company remained cordial during the year and continues to be focused towards improving quality and capability.


Statements in this "Management Discussion and Analysis" describing the Companys objectives, expectations or predictions are forward looking within the meaning of applicable laws and regulations. Actual results may differ materially from those expressed or implied in the statement depending on various factors and circumstances.


The Board acknowledges the co-operation and support extended by the Employees, Consultants, suppliers, customers and all its business associates.

The Directors place on record their appreciation for the continued support and co-operation they have received from Financial Institutions, Banks, Central and State Government.

For and on Behalf of the Board


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Place : Indore
Dated :30 August, 2019