Blue Chip India Ltd Management Discussions.

Economic Overview :

A robust banking and financial sector is critical for activating the economy and facilitating higher economic growth. Financial Intermediaries like NBFCs have a definite and very important role in the financial sector. Particularly in a developing economy like ours. Indian’s economy is diverse, encompassing agriculture, handicrafts, textile, manufacturing and a multitude of services. The advent of the digital age has gradually transformed India as an important "back office destination" for global outsourcing of customer service and technical support.

Industry Structure and Development - Overview :

NBFC’s play a vital role in the context of Indian economy. They are indispensible part in the Indian financial system because they supplement the activities of banks in terms of deposit mobilization and lending. They supplement the role of the banking sector in meeting the increasing financial needs of the corporate sector, delivering the credit to the unorganized sector and to the small local borrowers. NBFC’s has flexible structure than banks. Their flexible structure helps in broadening the market by providing the saver and investor a bundle of services on competitive basis. With virtually all finance company business lines coming under greater competitive pressure, defining strategic initiatives and backing each with the necessary resources has become imperative for success. On the consumer side of the business, the ability to compete in various product offerings often is dictated by operational efficiencies and economies of scale. In this respect NBFC’s face problems of high cost of funds because they lack the nation wide branch network and have a comparatively lower Tier-I and Tier- II capital base.

We witness that NBFC sector, in India are facing stiff competition from different banks and financial institutions. The cost of funds of banks is lower as compared to NBFC’s. Not only this, they have a very wide network and huge capital base which makes them more attractive then NBFC. However as the market is volatile in nature, the long term growth of capital market calls for a matter of concern.

Opportunities, threats, risks and concerns :

Your Company has operations in finance and equity investments. The independent finance industry issues debt and lends the proceeds to individuals (consumer finance companies) and corporations (commercial finance companies) on both a secured and unsecured basis. Unlike the commercial banks, whose deposit taking ability adds significantly to funding availability, finance companies rely almost exclusively on institutional borrowings and access to the public debt markets for funding. Consequently, the ability to access the short, medium and long-term markets at competitive rates is critical to their ongoing viability. Your company faces tough competition from Nationalized, Foreign and Private Sector Banks due to their inability to grant loan at a considerably low rate of interest.

Your Company is exposed to external and internal risks associated with the business. It is exposed to strong competitive pressures and financial risks from changes in interest rate, economic cycles etc.

There is a major threat coming from Banks. Banks have reduced the rate of interest, this has reduced the spread, thereby reducing the margin. The volatile nature of market also poses another threat. Your Company also faces stiff competition from Nationalised, Foreign and Private Sector Banks as they provide loans at a very low rate of interest.

The company has its own specific risks that are particular to its business including default risk, fluctuation of interest rates, economic cycles etc. Moreover existing banks are moving into retail sector and regional banks like Assamese banks are coming into play, which poses major concern for your company. The volatility in the market is a matter of concern. However economic parameters being strong will upsurge the economy. Your company has a well defined and prudent business practice and a comprehensive Risk Management Policy to manage this risk.

Notwithstanding their diversity, NBFCs are characterized by their ability to provide niche financial services in the Indian economy. Because of their relative organizational flexibility leading to a better response mechanism, they are often able to provide tailor made services relatively faster than banks and financial institutions, which are capable of enhancing the functional efficiency of the financial system, instances of unsustainability, often on account of high rates of interest on their deposits and periodic bankruptcies, underscore the need for reinforcing their financial viability. Your Company sees opportunities in the market with existing and new customers. Your Company has dedicated accounts team to focus on each customer. Rising input costs and volatility in material, energy are some of the key challenges that your company is addressing by specific initiatives for each.

Future Outlook :

Your Company intends to invest in businesses related to infrastructure, telecommunication, soft ware etc. and wide variety of products and services. in the coming years since it sees good prospect in these areas. It would definitely try to establish itself and remain as a strong player in the finance industry. With the Capital market expected to be in a better mode than the previous few years and with our efforts we can look forward to a prosperous year for the company.

Internal Control Systems and their adequacy :

The Company has in place adequate internal control systems and procedures commensurate with the size and nature of its business. These procedures are designed to ensure :

• That all assets and resources are used efficiently and are adequately protected;

• That all internal policies and statutory guidelines are compiled within letter & spirit;

• The accuracy and timing of financial reports and management information.

Material Development in Human Resources/industrial relations front number of people employed :

The Company believes that people are the key ingredient to the success of an organization. Looking after people makes good business sense because, if people are motivated, service excellence will follow. The relations remain cordial throughout the year between employees and the management. The Company recognizes the importance and contribution of its Human resources for its growth and development and is committed to the development of its people.

Financial and Operational Performance :

Please refer Directors’ Report for performance review.

Cautionary Statement :

Statement in the Management’s Discussion and Analysis describing the Company’s projections estimates, expectations or predictions may be forward looking predictions within the meaning of applicable securities laws and regulations. These forward-looking statements are based on certain assumptions and expectations of future events over which the Company exercises no control. The Company cannot guarantee that these assumptions and expectations are accurate or will be realized. Actual results may differ materially from such estimates, projections, etc. whether expressed or implied.


Sl. No. Particulars 2018-19 2017-18 Reason for Change in Key Financial Ratios
a) Debtors Turnover - 11.21 N.A.
b) Inventory Turnover - 3.69 N.A.
c) Interest Coverage Ratio - - N.A.
d) Current Ratio 0.19 0.21 The current ratio was very low in the last year and it has further decreased it indicates that company doesnt have sufficient funds to pay off its current obligations if they all get due at once.
e) Debt Equity Ratio 9.93 5.41 The ratio has increased on account of increase in borrowings and decrease in shareholders fund implying that the company has leveraged more thereby making investment in the company riskier.
f) Operating Profit Margin - - N.A.
g) Net Profit Margin - -376% N.A.
h) Return on Net Worth -0.53 -0.13 The sharp fall in the return on net worth is due to fall in the shareholders fund and rise in the loss sustained. This implies that the company is not efficiently utilizing shareholders fund.