CHD Chemicals Ltd Management Discussions.

Industry Overview


The Indian chemical industry is one of the oldest industries in India and has made immense contribution to the industrial and agricultural development of India. It encompasses both large and small-scale units. The fiscal incentives granted to the small-scale units in the mid-1980s provided the thrust to the growth of MSMEs in the sector. The chemical industry serves the needs of sectors such as textiles, leather, plastics, paper, printing inks and food stuffs, among others.

The sector covers over 70,000 commercial products, and provides the feedstock to many downstream industries such as finished drugs, dyestuffs, paper, synthetic rubber, plastics, polyester, paints, pesticides, fertilizers and detergents. Over the years, the industry has been evolving with a shift towards product innovation, brand building and environmental friendliness. Besides, customer focus is gaining significance in the industry.

Leading Position Globally

Chemical industry in India is the third largest producer in Asia and sixth largest in the world.

The Indian chemical industry is expected to surge to USD 226 billion by 2020, up by nearly 35 percent from USD 147 billion in 2015.

Indian chemical industry is expected to double its share in global chemical industry to 5-6% by 2021 registering growth of 8-9% in the next decade.

High GDP Share

The chemical industry in India is a key constituent of Indian economy, accounting for about 2.11 per cent of the GDP

Global Dye Supplier

India accounts for approximately 11 per cent of the world production of dyestuff and dye intermediates, particularly for reactive acid and direct dyes


? The industry has changed over time to meet the dynamic needs of an emerging economy ? Strong economic growth and rise in per-capita income has meant a steady increase in demand for chemicals

• Expected to clock a growth of 14 per cent over the next decade

• The industry has left behind a low-growth and regulated environment to emerge more mature

• There is strong government support towards R&D; this would benefit the sector

Business Overview

Our Company was originally incorporated at Chandigarh as "CHD Chemicals Private Limited" on 5th November, 2012 under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956.

Our Company was converted in to a Public Limited Company and consequently the name was changed to "CHD Chemicals Limited" vide fresh certificate of incorporation dated 12th November, 2015 issued by the Registrar of Companies, Punjab and Chandigarh.

Our company is engaged in the business of trading and distribution of high quality chemicals and dyes for textiles industry, leather, and paper industries. We also deal in Construction Chemicals.

We are a chemicals and dyes trading and distribution company with a diverse product portfolio. We are in the trading business since our inception.

We are a professionally managed and growing organization which aims at strengthening and establishing itself as the foremost trader of chemicals and dyes for textile and auxiliary. We also aim at achieving greater and long-term growth.

We are engaged in the business of trading in high quality chemicals & dyes for Textile Industry.

The main suppliers of the Company are Huntsman International (India) Pvt. Ltd. and Fine Organic Industries, Mumbai.

Huntsman International (India) Pvt. Ltd being a United States base company.



• ? Diversified product portfolio

• ? Strong managerial capability

• ? Cordial relations with Customers

• ? Adaptability of company in the fast changing environment

• ? Sound structured facilities

• ? Reputed suppliers

• ? Efficient supply chain management


• ? Higher taxes

• ? Dependence on suppliers for products availability

• ? Working capital intensive due to payment delays from customers


• ? Large Potential.

• ? Increasing interest of foreign players in India

• ? Increasing demand


• ? Competition from other developing countries especially from China

• ? Rising prices of materials

• ? Formation of cartels

• ? Government & regulatory norms

• ? Fluctuations in the material prices


The long term objective of the Company is to remain strong player in the market with strong emphasis on product and market development. Your Company is also continuously improving its operational efficiency, and cost control which alone can improve the bottom line in future in highly competitive environment. Further, your Company is hopeful to get advantage of this overall boom likely to happen for the Indian markets and will do all out efforts to secure the bigger share of the increasing market in future.

Internal Control Systems and Their Adequacy

The Company has proper and adequate systems of internal controls. Regular internal audits and checks are carried out to ensure that the responsibilities are executed effectively and that adequate systems are in place.

Human Resources

The number of employees in the Company as on the 31st March, 2019 was 15. The Company enjoys cordial and harmonious industrial relations. Training programs and various initiatives are being taken to create an environment to enhance individual and team performance.


The turnover and other income of the Company during the year is Rs. 763,501,960.96 /- as against Rs. 358,157,659.70 /- in the previous year. The profit from operations before depreciation and tax is Rs. 1,18,37,562.82/- as against Rs91,09,705.34 /- in the previous year. The net profit after depreciation, taxation is Rs. 65,99,975.89 /- as against Rs. 51,55,548.55 /- in the previous year.