Chordia Food Products Ltd Management Discussions.


The Indian Food Processing Industry is showing remarkable Growth. The packaged Food processing Sector is one of the largest Sectors in India. However having accepted these facts your Company could not achieve better performance mainly because of the peculiar product range the Company is having. The main revenue generation of the Company, at present is out of the Food Items like Pickles and Ketchups, which are low growth oriented. These Food Products have its own limitations to contribute to the growth success.

Market Scenario and Challenges

Food processing sector is an extension of an Agri-Sector. Both are interdependent on each other for its progress. The developments in the food processing sector have created a demand in the fruits and vegetables segment of Agri-Sector. In this modern era, the consumer demands and tastes have been varied due to changing lifestyles, change in the customer tastes and priorities and that they have become more health conscious.

Due to the changing environment, erratic atmosphere and weather conditions the agricultural sector has seen a setback over past few years. The procurement of quality raw material at a right time and right price has become a difficult task.

As a result, the Company manufacturing Pickles and Ketchups is facing low growth orientation.


Competition in Food Industry is very strong and tough, as it covers International Players as well as Players from Organized and Unorganized Sector. It is difficult to balance the marketing and pricing strategies, because of the product range and volumes the International Players are dumping in the market and the low prices that are offered by the Unorganized Sector.

The ever increasing prices and scarcity of quality Raw Material also matters the financial performance of the Company, as the Prices of the Products marketed by the Company are market driven and there is hardly any chance to fix the Prices on its own.

The Company has established a wide range of Distribution network in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa which approaches to the numerous grocery stores. However the Customers now adopting new means of purchasing like E- Commerce Platform, Online purchasing, Malls etc. the Company is finding it difficult to boost the demand for its Products in the Market by the present marketing strategies. The Company is focusing to tap new Products, new Markets and new means of marketing to meet the changing trends and preferences of the Customers.

Sustainability and Growth:

To match with the fast growing technical developments, the Company is also upgrading itself with new developed manufacturing techniques and is upgrading its manufacturing processes and production infrastructure. In the processed Food Industry, Packaging is also a vital part. The Company is giving utmost thrust and importance to the packaging whereby the shelf life of the products is improved as well it attracts the attention of the Customers.

The Company is also developing new Processed and Ready to eat Food items, and is giving emphasis on the market driven fast moving Food Products, to add to its present range of Products.

The Company gives utmost care on Waste Management, as lot of Bio based Waste is generated during the course of production. The Company is taking each and every step to be environmental friendly in its manufacturing processes and in compliance with the stricter norms introduced by the Food Safety Authority.


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