Cinevista Ltd Management Discussions.

A very warm, cordial, healthy and hospitable welcome to all our esteemed shareholders, whove made a sincere effort to stay connected, this morning, during this ongoing pandemic, which has shaken and challenged the very basics, of human bonding, proximity, closeness and touch!

Did or could anyone of us, ever imagine, that this would happen to us, during our Lifetime? that we would be distanced and rendered helpless, from our closest, near and dear ones, at their hour of greatest need?

That we would not be able to bid “Good-bye” and pay our “Last Respects”, to the very souls, who brought us into this very universe!

What an immense dichotomy, the calendar year 2020, has been, writ with so many tragic stories, spread the globe over, that multiple “True-to-life stories”, were sure, will be filmed and recorded for posterity, in the ensuing years ahead!

Welcome, once again, to all of you, on the occasion of the 23rd Annual General Body Meeting of your Company!

The Financial Year 2019-2020, saw your Company recording a turnover of Rs.22,64,82,118/-, with depreciation costs standing at Rs. 94,50,426/-

‘YE TERI GALIYAN” concluded its run on Zee T.V., on the 14th of February 2020! A good 5 months earlier, than anticipated, thanks to channel preferences and a reshuffle in on air programmes, leading to our exit, earlier than the 2 year mark of 520 episodes anticipated!

But the flip side of the coin is, that Zee, the channel, was more than satisfied with the product, in terms of its setting, production values, aesthetics, casting, performances and delivery!

If it were not for the ongoing pandemic, that has betrayed the calendar year 2020, for all humankind, universally, we would have surely had another show on Zee, being telecast right now, along with possibly 2 shows, on their recently launched Punjabi channel!

The good news now, for our esteemed shareholders is, that weve finally received the clearance from the Fire Department, having complied with all their stringent formalities, inspection and procedures and resultantly, our studio license, which stood terminated, post the fire, that devastated your Companys studio, on the 6th of January 2018, causing your Company, a humungous loss of close to Rs.15 Crores, has been finally reinstated, by the concerned Government department.

There are certain remarkable quotes, that come to mind, which, are moral boosters, moreso, at this

point in time, when both humanity across the globe and your Company, are passing through extremely trying and challenging times!

Rumi a very famous 13th century poet was born in Afghanistan! During the course of his spiritual journey, he imparted knowledge, that is being recognized the world over, several centuries later! He was a Sufi and a poet!

Sadhguru, Im sure, all present here, during these hard pressed Covid-19 times, know, or are aligned with!

Cinevista, as an organisation draws strength and learning, form these teachings and quotes, which show one, the way forward and strengthen your faith in Providence!

Today, we would like to share with our very esteemed shareholders, that though this is our 23rd Annual General Body Meeting, as a Limited Company, you would be happy to know, that this year, Cinevista completes its 38th year, since its inception! the next 2 years will see it complete a

successful 4 decade run In the media business and paradoxically, your Limited Company, will see and witness its completion of 25 years, since it turned “Limited”, from “A Private Limited Company”.

The next two years, we promise, will be the most memorable years, of our existence, as an

organisation of Merit and Character!

this is our pledge, to our esteemed shareholders!

You will be glad to know, that after a gap of 19 long years, weve rekindled our ties with Prasar Bharati/ Doordarshan!

Our journey with Doordarshan began in April 1985, when Doordarshan first opened its doors, to sponsored programme producers.

We were the 7th production house, in this country, to apply for a television series format, and the very first to bring the famed Director, Mr. Shyam Benegal, to grace the small screen;with “Katha Sagar”. the year was 1985!

today, 35 years later, “Katha sagar” is being aired on Doordarshans National network, once again and on request, from the Prasar Bharati authorities, themselves.

Not only “Katha Sagar”, “Gul Gulshan Gulfam”, “Khatta Meetha” and “Jai Mata Ki”, starring the beautiful and evergreen Hemaji, in the title role, are to be/are being currently telecast, on Doordarshans National Network!

“Hndustani”, “Saahil”, “Junoon” and “Noorjehan”, are under negotiation!

We plan, as an Organisation, to go back to our ‘Roots and commence making shows, for Doordarshan, once again!

We also plan to commence making some really “BIG SHOWS”, for the O.T.T. platforms, once the situation stabilizes, which, we honestly dont see happening, before March 2021, at the very earliest. And, finally, as far as the studio property at Kanjurmarg goes, next year, when we meet, we promise our esteemed shareholders, we shall bring forth a disarming smile, to their faces!

Till then, “take Care and Be Safe”

Thank you.