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NBFCs being financial intermediaries are engaged in the activity of bringing the saving and the investing community together. In this role they are perceived to be playing a complimentary role to banks rather than competitors, as it is a known fact that majority of the population in the country do not yet have access to mainstream financial products and services including a bank account. Therefore, the country needs institutions beyond banks for reaching out in areas where banks presence may be lesser. Thus, NBFCs have carved niche business areas for them within the financial sector space and are also popular for providing customized products. In short, NBFCs bring the much needed diversity to the financial sector thus diversifying the risks, increasing liquidity in the markets thereby promoting financial stability and bringing efficiency to the financial sector.


The NBFC sector has great potential to grow further and the Government of India is also focusing on their development and expansion in rural areas. The recent steps by the Government of India to create Infrastructure for NBFC and to provide banking license for NBFCs is a positive signal and the emergence of REMF (Real Estate Mutual Funds) & REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) has brought new scope for funding in Real Estate Sector.

However, NBFCs do play a critical role in participating in the development of an economy by development in sectors like transport, employment generation, wealth creation, bank credit in rural segments and to support financially weaker sections of the society. Emergency services like financial assistance and guidance is also provided to the customers in the matters pertaining to insurance.


Being in the financial services business has its own typical risks and the Company takes full cognizance of the fact that these risks can have a serious impact on the operations of the Company as well as its profitability. In order to ensure that the impact of risks is minimal, the Company lays utmost importance on scanning the external environment regularly. The Company also has adequate risk identification.

To mitigate the risks affecting the growth and profitability the company has directed its efforts for risk management by employing the people who are expertise and trying to initiate new technology. The company is constantly engaged in innovating its methods and procedure of risk management .


Non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) are integral part of countrys financial system because their complementary as well as competitive role. They act as critical link in the overall financial system catering to a large market of niche customers. However, competition continues to be intense as India and foreign banks have entered the retail trading business in a big way, thereby exerting pressure on margins. The erstwhile providers of funds have now become competitor. NBFCs can sustain in this competitive environment only through optimizing of funding costs, identification of potential business areas, widening geographical reach, and use of technology, cost efficiency , strict monitoring and raising the level of customer service.


The company has profit during the financial year 2020-21. The board of directors of your company feel that the economy will improve still in the coming years providing the greater chance for your company to grow further. Moreover, Indian Government took many initiatives programs which will promote industry to come with many opportunities and chance to grow further in coming years. Your company is actively engaged in introducing innovative and customized products for the customers. The management of your company is making all efforts in finding new areas and markets for exploring the companys products and services.


The Company has proper and adequate internal control systems to ensure that all the assets are safeguarded and that all transactions are authorized recorded and reported correctly. Regular internal audits and checks are carried out to ensure that the execution of approved activities is in line with the policies and processes in place and that the systems are adequately strengthened to ensure compliance. Internal audit cover verification of Loan & Security creations documents, repayments, Credit Evaluation, as also process audits of various functions & Systems Audits.

The Board of Directors has been entrusted with the responsibility of reviewing the findings and to investigate and take necessary actions wherever required.


The Company recognizes that its success is deeply embedded in the success of the human resources. The Company has significantly scaled up its activities through investment in people and infrastructure. The Company nurtures its employees as its critical assets through healthy working atmosphere that ensures equal opportunity for growth and challenge to all the employees. The Company believes in creating business leaders by employing best talent in the industry, providing opportunities, empowerment by delegations, training and taking care of their growth. As our business grows, we would continue to expand the human resources which are fundamental to the financial services business.

By order of the Board of Directors
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Enjamuri Pardha Saradhi Parthasarathi Prathipati
DManaging Director Director
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Date: 31.08.2021