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Our Company was originally incorporated as Cospower Engineering Private Limited at Mumbai as Private Limited Company under the provisions of Companies Act, 1956 vide Certificate of Incorporation dated September 22, 2010, bearing Corporate Identification Number U31908MH2010PTC208016, issued by the Registrar of Companies, Mumbai and Maharashtra for the purpose of acquiring the Partnership business of M/s. Cospower Corporation, which was in existence since 2004. Subsequently, our Company was converted into Public Limited Company pursuant to a special resolution passed by members in ExtraOrdinary General Meeting of Company held on January 23, 2020 and the name of our company was changed to Cospower Engineering Limited vide a fresh Certificate of Incorporation dated February 19, 2020, issued by the Registrar of Companies, Mumbai and Maharashtra. The Corporate Identification Number of our Company is U31908MH2010PLC208016.

Initially our promoters had started business in the year 2004 through partnership firm M/s. Cospower Corporation. The said firm was engaged in the business of trading and marketing of electric goods. Our promoters Mr. Oswald D’Souza and Mr. Felix Kadam were the partners of the said firm. In FY 2010, our Company has taken over the running business of M/s Cospower Corporation along with its assets and liabilities vide agreement of takeover dated December 01, 2010.

Our Company is currently engaged in the business of manufacturing of electrical panels, harmonic filters and substation and equipment mounting structure. The plant is equipped with machinery to produce the quality products with emphasis on quality and performance. Our Company has also been providing turnkey services which involves supply, installation, commissioning, testing and comprehensive maintenance of electric products. There are few products which the Company do not manufacture but has to provide turnkey services by buying from other manufacturers. Our Company has extended its product range to other power related products that are needed to complete the electrical system. Our company is offering ‘under one roof’ a complete package of electrical system and solutions.

Our manufacturing unit is located at Vasai in Maharashtra. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with requisite infrastructure including machinery, other handling equipment to facilitate smooth manufacturing process. Moreover, the Environment Management System, Quality Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System of our Company has been approved as per the guidelines of ISO 14001:2015 ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 respectively for design, manufacturing, supply, commissioning and consultancy for electrical and mechanical equipment and Manufacturing of high/ low voltage electrical panels.

Our Location:

Registered Office S.No. 134, Village -Wakipada, Pazar Talao Road, Naigaon-East, Tal-Vasai,
Palghar - 401208, Maharashtra.
Manufacturing Unit S.No. 134, Village -Wakipada, Pazar Talao Road, Naigaon-East, Tal-Vasai,
Palghar - 401208, Maharashtra


It’s very difficult to define the market size as there are a variety of capacitors for different application and a few manufacturers in India are operating in more than one variety of capacitors. However, based on rough estimates the capacitor domestic business is estimated on conservative basis to be in the region of around Rs 600 crores. In fact, the potential is extremely bright as your company at present caters only to a micro minuscule of the market potential in India. Though we cover the entire length and breadth of the country as of now the maximum business originates from Maharashtra. However, we have set up offices in all four zones of the country and are expecting a good contribution from all these 4 zones as there is tremendous potential in all the zones. And your company plans to capitalize on these opportunities.


Your company has diversified into mechanical works and have supplied large size pump check valves to a public utility in Mumbai. Your company also has a firm understanding with an overseas world reputed company for supply of large size valves. These products are presently sourced by only very few players in the world. Another new area of business that your company is planning is of turnkey contracts of Gas Insulated Substation and there is already an ongoing discussion with a reputed OEM in India who will supply the equipment.

Our Competitive Strengths:

We believe we have the following competitive strengths:

Quality standards and ISO certified organisation

Quality plays one of the most vital role in the success of any organisation. We are focused on providing quality products. We constantly strive to improve our industrial processes at every step in the production chain. The Environment Management System, Quality Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System of our Company has been approved as per the guidelines of ISO 14001:2015 ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 respectively for design, manufacturing, supply, commissioning and consultancy for electrical and mechanical equipment and Manufacturing of high/ low voltage electrical panels. Our focus on quality is evidenced by the quality certifications and accreditations that our facility has obtained. We believe that, ensuring global standard products will attract domestic and international customers to our Company.

Experienced and professional management team

We believe that our qualified management team provides us a competitive advantage and enables us to function effectively and efficiently. Our Promoters, Mr. Oswald D’Souza and Mr. Felix Kadam have over 2 decade of experience in the electrical and engineering industry. The Promoters are supported by our experienced and professional management team having varied experience in finance, marketing, sales, product development, etc. Our management team brings focused abilities in product conceptualization to our business and we believe that their knowledge, global outlook and management ability would continue to contribute to our growth in future.

Stable customer base

Our Company enjoys long standing relationship with key customers and suppliers. These long standing relationships are result of our commitment to quality, timely delivery, promptness in payments and adaptability etc. Over last decades, we believe that we have gained invaluable experience in assisting our customers develop new designs, incorporating latest technologies and efficiently utilising our manufacturing facility, equipment and materials and thereby constantly improving our product offerings, structure and functional design so as to meet our customers’ needs.

Wide product range and product segments

Our Company has product portfolio that covers product range of electrical equipments and we also provide wide range of turnkey services with the help of highly trained team of field of service engineers to assure the safe and proper operation of the electrical distribution equipment. We believe that maintaining a diverse portfolio in our business provides us with an opportunity to cater to diverse needs of our different customer segment.

Well established manufacturing facility

Our manufacturing facility is situated at Vasai in Maharashtra consisting of various machineries and suitable infrastructure and quality control setup to handle the product portfolio. The manufacturing process provides us with the flexibility of manufacturing any part of our products at short notice and delivered within scheduled.

Our Business Strategy

Brand Image

We would continue to associate ourselves with good quality customers and execute orders to their utmost satisfaction. We are highly conscious about our brand image and intend to continue our brand building exercise by providing excellent services to the satisfaction of the customers.

Strengthening relationship with existing customers and widen our customer base

We look to further strengthen our relationship with our existing customers and meet their requirements. Whilst we continue to cater to our existing customers, we are emphasizing a lot on establishing new our relationship with prospective customers so that we can expand our customer base in other areas as well.

Effective Utilization of Funds and Resources

The sustainability and profitability of our business lies in effective utilization of our resources. It involves lower reject ion, prompt recovery, cost effective purchases, controlled inventory, preventive maintenance of machines and equipment and constant endeavor to improve process timings and thereby increasing the productivity.

Continue to expand and increase production capacity

Our Company constantly endeavors to explore opportunities to expand our operations by developing new products and services within our existing lines of business. We expect that the increase in our product base will result in an increase in customer base and enable us target more customers and market segments.

Continue to improve operational efficiencies and cost competitiveness continuously

We continue to adopt best practices and standards across our manufacturing facility, drawing on our management’s expertise and experience in plant management. We continue to increase efficiencies through comprehensive product planning resulting in increased utilization rates and reduction in cost of production.

Focus on consistently meeting quality standards

Presently, Our Company is certified from ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018and we intend to focus on adhering to the quality standards of the products. This is necessary so as to make sure that we get repeat orders from our customers. This will also aid us in enhancing our brand value.

Our Products Range:

Our Company manufactures electrical equipments. Various product manufactured by the company are mentioned below: -

Electrical Equipment:

Our Company manufactures capacitors, switchgears, harmonic filters, cable termination kits, transformers, battery and battery chargers, electrical panels etc.

Our manufacturing process

Our machines are equipped with complete machinery for fabrication, assembly and updated testing facilities of electrical panels to ensure that the end product is of a highest quality level. We have and may have dedicated production lines based on the size and frequency of the orders of our customers. The production process may be diagrammatically explained in the following manner:

Electrical System Study Solutions

Our company is specialized in power quality improvement. All the engineers are trained to carry out power studies in the premises of the clients.

The studies are carried out with sophisticated state-of the-art power analysers. Thereafter the data is downloaded on the computer and these data are fed into a specially designed software. A thorough analysis is done on the results obtained from the software and recommendation are given to the clients. Based on our recommendation when the customer places the order on us, we design, manufacture and install the equipment in the premises of the client. Following the installation and commissioning, the power analysis is once again carried out to demonstrate the improvement in the voltage wave form which are actuals outcome of installation of our designed power quality improvement equipment.

Energy Audit Study

Over the years of experience in the industry, we have been able to render reliable energy audits services to our customers. We provide complete recommendation to conserve energy and reduce the unnecessary power losses of the system to ensure that the client saves on energy costs. All we assure our valued customers that energy cost could be minimized substantially in an effective manner. It includes:

Energy Audit
Energy Conservation
Energy Savings
Energy Auditor
Energy Management
Energy Crisis
Energy crisis planning
Energy & Environment
Energy balance
Energy efficiency & Conservation
Energy information & Administration
Energy Industry
Energy use & Conservation
Energy Intensity
Energy Industry
Energy Resources
Marketing and selling arrangements

We have developed a marketing network across various states in the country focusing on government agencies, public sector undertakings and private clients as well. Our marketing team is led by our Promoters who are responsible for the overall marketing strategies. Our success lies in the strength of our relationship with our customers who have been associated with us for a long period. Our sales and marketing team is headed by our management which keeps itself updated on the customer preference and changes in their requirements from time to time. Our marketing team is also assisted by a technical team which is headed by our Director Mr. Felix Kadam. Our promoters Mr. Oswald D’Souza and Mr. Felix

Kadam, through their vast experience and good rapport with customers plays an instrumental role in quality maintenance and timely delivery of products.

Our company uses marketing tools like advertisement, complimentary gifts, seminars followed by fellowship dinner for clients in order to widen their business scope and penetrate the market more incisively to increase business potential and market share of the company. Our company participate in exhibition in trade fairs related to electrical products. The management and staff also attend trade exhibitions all over the country to understand the trends of the market and also to promote that brand of the company.


Our promoters, with their knowledge and experience are well-assisted by our Key Managerial Persons who have helped us retain entrenched relations with existing customers and also helped us engage new customers. We believe that our experience, knowledge and human resources will enable us to drive the business in a successful and profitable manner. Our Company is committed towards creating an organization that nurtures talent. We have employed a prudent mix of the experienced staff and youth which gives us the dual advantage. Our company also conducts regular training programs which is aimed towards strengthening skills, enhancing productivity and building sense of ownership among its employees.


Internal Control System has been designed to provide reasonable assurance that assets are safeguarded, transactions are executed in accordance with management’s authorization and properly recorded and accounting records are adequate for preparation of financial statements and other Financial Information. Internal Check is conducted on a periodical basis to ascertain the adequacy and effectiveness of internal control system.


We operate in an increasingly high competitive market, with participants in the organized and the unorganized sector. We face competition from other manufacturers, traders, suppliers and importers of electric equipment in relation to our offerings. Suppliers in the electric equipment industry are based on key attributes including technical competence, product quality, strength of sales and distribution network, pricing and timely delivery.