cubical financial services ltd share price Management discussions


a) Industry Structure and Trends:

NBFCs have become important constituents of Indias financial sector and have been recording higher credit growth than scheduled commercial banks (SCBs) over the past few years.

Capital Market is dependent on various external factors beyond the control of the Management. Factors like economy, Industrial Growth, Level of Export, Political Scenario, Reform initiatives of the Government. The participants having any dealing with Capital Market are affected directly by the movement in the market.

b) Opportunities and Threats:

The outlook in the year ended 31.03.2023was mixed for the Capital Market. Keeping in view of the growth in the economy and investment made by the FIIs sensex is scaling new heights and as results all concerned will be benefited. However capital market is dependent on various external factors sometimes beyond the control of the management.

c) Outlook:

Major changes and long term economic reforms have been introduced by the Government. With the change in Government, new economic policies in terms of the common minimum program are expected which will have its own impact on the capital markets which will affect the market participants.

d) Risks & Concerns:

The volatility in Stock Market, economic situation of the country, market risk and client default risk are high in this business. Your company proposes to manage these risks by adopting effective risk management practices.

e) Internal Control System:

There is an effective system of monitoring internal control in the company and these Policies and Procedures are reviewed from time to time.

f) Financial performance:

The financial performance of the company has been covered in the Directors Report.

g) Human Resource Development:

The relations with employees continued to be cordial and progressive. The total number of employees in the company as on 31st March 2023 was 5 (Five).

h) Significant Financial Ratio

S.No Particulars Ratio
1. Current Ratio 1.7182
2. Debt- Equity Ratio NA
3. Debt Service Coverage Ratio NA
4. Return on Equity (-15)
5. Inventory Turnover Ratio NA
6. Trade Receivables Turnover Ratio NA
7. Trade Payable Turnover Ratio NA
8. Net Capital Turnover Ratio 0.0856
9. Net Profit Ratio (0.2459)
10. Return on Capital Employed (0.01449)
11. Return on Investment NA

J) Disclosure of Accounting Treatment:

In preparation of the financial statements, the applicable provisions of Companies Act, 2013, Indian Accounting Standards and other applicable Laws have been strictly adhere to. The Financial Statements of the Company along with the notes are further discussed in this Report

On behalf of the Board
Place: New Delhi (Ashwani Kumar Gupta)
Date: 12.08.2023 Chairman