Eco Recycling Ltd Management Discussions.


We are once again proud to mention that prior to your company started e-waste recycling business in the country in the year 2005, the entire end of life electrical & electronic equipment or e-waste was being collected & dismantled by the Kabadies (informal waste workers). Over a period of 14 years, your company contributed enormously for the development of the e-waste recycling industry in India.

To know about the E-waste Recycling Business your CMD attended E-scrap Conference 2005 in Orlando in USA and also attended RWM show in Birmingham, UK in 2005 and since then made it a point to attend the above shows every year and similar such international conferences to learn from the experiences of the global Recyclers & other experts.

Based on the knowledge gathered and the guidance received from the experienced recyclers & experts for implementation of an e-waste management facility of the international level, your company imported its first large shredder from Ireland in 2006, imported another shredder for hard disk destruction from UK in 2007, started Indias first Data Destruction Facility on wheels in 2008 and also Indias first Lamp Recycling Facility wheels in the same year.

It was also a very proud moment, when your CMD was inducted as a member on the Expert Group for E-waste Study formed by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB), received authorisation to operate Indias first E-waste Recycling Facility from the MPCB and also registered by the Central Pollution Control Board as the Indias first E-waste Recycling Facility, recognised as Indias first registered Research & Development Facility for developing various technologies for environment friendly recovery of various fractions from the e-waste.

Over a period of time, your company developed capability in the following areas:

1. Reverse Logistic (Own fleet of vehicles& TPL support)

2. Data Destruction (Software Deletion, Degaussing Services & Physical Destruction)

3. Refurbishment & Remarketing (ITAD Services)

4. Metal shredding and magnetic sorting

5. Plastic shredding & auto sorting

6. Lamp Recycling

7. Cable Recycling

8. White Goods Recycling

9. PRO Services to EEE Producers

10. EPR Services to meet Targets

11. CSR Services

12. Skill Development as a funded partner of NSDC

13. On line trading platform for dry waste

14. Mobile Application for e-waste collection

15. And the Journey is on

We feel very proud of above developments and assure the stakeholders that we will keep enhancing your Companys capabilities as we progress. In the immediate future, the Company would like to focus on the following:

1. Increase number of Collection Points for end users to deposit their e-waste seamlessly.

2. Implement fused lamps collections and pre-processing network to support environment & society and also assist lamp manufacturers to meet their obligation under the Rules.

3. Increase number of Skill Development Cum Collection Centres and Reverse Logistic Network to support Producers meet their targets in a cost-effective manner.

4. Start your Companys second Recycling Facility of 50,000 MTPA within this Financial Year.

5. Raise sufficient funds to meet the above requirement on time.

At this point of time, it is equally important to share some other developments like:

NITI Aayog CEO Mr. Amitabh Kant said that India is the fourth largest producer of the e-waste in the World. He also suggested that India needs reconciliation between economy and ecology. Sustainable development and resource circularity is an inescapable necessity today.

MRAI (Material Recycling Association of India) is lobbying very extensively at the Central Government level to get the National Recycling Policy implemented in the Country as soon as possible.

NASSCOM has recommended introduction of a point-based reward system of e-waste recycling credits for formal organisations to incentivise them to channel their e-waste through government-approved recycling centres.

CPCB & SPCBs are also putting their best efforts for stricter implementation of the Rules.

In the light of the above developments & recommendations and the E-waste Management Rules with targets for Producers in place, we all should aim for the next orbit to enter. We once again assure you that your company will not leave any stone unturned to stay ahead in the race.

There are no material changes in the financial ratios as compared to the previous year.