EMA India Ltd Management Discussions.

EMA INDIA LIMITED ANNUAL REPORT 2009-2010 MANAGEMENT DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS Operations: During the financial year under review, the Company had faced adverse business conditions for third successive financial year. The best way to survive in this situation was to take effective remedial measure and the Company continued to focus its attention on cost reduction efforts, improvement in operational efficiencies & assets utilization as well as conserve cash for financial safeguard and improve its margins. With these efforts, though the Company could achieve a turnover of Rs. 35.33 million during the year 2009-10 as against Rs. 62.60 million in the previous year yet the net loss of the Company was reduced to Rs 7.42 million as against Rs. 11.34 million in the previous year. However with the revival of Auto industry, the trend of enquiries and order booking are very encouraging for current financial year. As reported last year, in its endeavour to develop economical, new & innovative products & explore new market, your company has entered into a new Joint Venture with another well renowned manufacturing company namely Megatherm Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata and is hopeful of getting benefited with their expertise & market potential for future growth of the Company.