Expo Gas Containers Ltd Management Discussions.

The Indian Economy

While the first quarter of the year gone by, saw the impact of demonetization settling down, in the next quarter, introduction of the landmark Goods and Services Tax (GST) brought in some uncertainties as businesses adjusted to the new regime. This did not take long, and from the third quarter onwards, signs of growth returning were evident.

In the coming financial year, as global economic activity continues to strengthen, Indian economy is expected to grow at 7.4% during 2018 which could increase further to 7.8% during 2019 in contrast to 6.7% during 2017.

Industry Structure and Development

Major initiatives are taken by the Government of India to promote oil and gas sector. State-run oil firms are planning investments worth Rs 723 crore (US$ 111.30 million) in Uttar Pradesh to improve the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) infrastructure in a bid to promote clean energy and generate employment, according to Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India.

The Oil Ministry plans to set up bio-CNG (compressed natural gas) plants and allied infrastructure at a cost of Rs 7,000 crore (US$ 1.10 billion) to promote the use of clean fuel.

After the completion of certain projects which are undertaken by various refineries, the Refining Capacity of India is expected to reach 256.55 MMTPA by 2019-20. The demand for petroleum products is estimated to reach 244,960 MT by 2021-22, up from 186,209 MT in 2016, and the demand for natural gas is expected to reach 606 MMSCMD by 2021-22 as against a demand of 473 MMSCMD in 2016-17.

Some positive developments are:

• Worlds largest oil exporter Saudi Aramco is planning to invest in refineries and petrochemicals in India as it looks to enter into a strategic partnership with the country.

• Foreign investors will have opportunities to invest in projects worth US$ 300 billion in India, as the country looks to cut reliance on oil imports by 10 per cent by 2022, according to Mr Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India.

• State-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) has come up with the new blueprint to increase the crude oil production by 4 million tonnes and to double its natural gas production by 2020 to curb the countrys import dependency by 10 percent. The company will raise its crude oil production from 22.6 million tonnes in 20172018 to 26.42 million tonnes in 2021- 2022.


Compared to the past years, the Government has brought increased Rules and Regulations and the same is not being reflected in the rates at which the jobs are awarded. We could see increased burden on the vendors to comply with new rules and failure to get higher rates, which brings down profitability on certain jobs. Alternatively banking sector becoming for more stringent due to recent scams has caused liquidity to tighten and hence strain will be felt on our sector as well.

Material Developments in Human Resources/ Industrial Relations:

The management has focused on improving its quality systems by bringing in specialized human resources and strengthening its quality department. In order to sustain the rate of growth it has achieved in the last 2 years specific emphasis has also been levied on the marketing set up for the Indian market as well as opportunities in the export markets. In a growing economy, there is always demand for more skilled and able workforce. The ability to recruit and retain talent is a challenge for managements of all growing companies. Your management is aware of the same and taking necessary steps to not only recruit new manpower, but train and retain the existing one. The Company also recruits trainee engineers and prepares them for more responsibilities in the times to come.

Industrial relations were cordial in all division throughout the year under review.

Quality/ Safety Certifications :

Your Company has obtained the prestigious OSHAS (18001) certification. Your Company is also ISO 9001& 14001 certified by URS and approved holder of "U" stamp from ASME U.S.A., R Stamp & NB Stamp.

Internal Control System

The Company maintains adequate internal control systems, which provide among other things, reasonable assurance of recording the transactions of its operations in all material respects and of providing protection against significant misuse or loss of company assets. Moreover, the Management team regularly meets to monitor expectations and budgeted results and scrutinizes reasons for deviations in order to take necessary corrective steps. The Audit Committee, which meets at regular interval, also reviews the internal control systems with the Management and the Internal Auditors. There are clear demarcation of roles and responsibilities at various levels of operations. The Companys internal control system is further strengthened by continuous periodical internal audit system and Review at the Board level. The specific appointment of internal auditor would further strengthen the existing system. The internal audit is conducted at regular intervals at various locations of the Company and covers all the key areas. All audit observations and follow up actions are discussed with the Management as also the Statutory Auditors and the Audit Committee reviews them regularly.

Safety, Health and Environment

Safety, Health and Environment is a core value for your Company. Simply stated your Companys goals are: no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to environment. The Companys success owes to the health, safety & security of everyone who works for them. The health and medical services are accessible to all employees through well equipped occupational health centers at all manufacturing facilities. Safety and security of personnel, assets and environmental protection are also on top of the agenda of the Company at its manufacturing facilities.

Clean environment and sustainable development integrated with the business objective is the focus of operations of the Company. The projects and activities are planned and designed with environment protection as an integral part to ensure a safe and clean environment for sustainable development.

Cautionary Statement:

The statements in this Managements Discussions & Analysis describing the Companys objectives, projections, estimates, expectations and predictions which may be "forward looking statements" within the meaning of the applicable securities laws and regulations. The annual results can differ materially from those expressed or implied, depending on the economic conditions, Government Policies and other incidental factors and developments.