Firstobject Technologies Ltd Management Discussions.


Firstobject Technologies Ltd is an IT / ITE’s and an E- education company. It has leveraged its strengths for E-learning, which was started as a division in the year 2010; it has unveiled more quality products rapidly in the K-10 and beyond segment. FTL is now has its presence in the K-10, Legal, Management and Engineering segments.

Firstobject currently offering its e-learning modules through DVDs, USB ports, Androids etc customized for the usage by various users like Schools, Institutions, etc.

E-learning business is going through a greater transformation both in terms of technological changes and also syllabus changes on yearly bases of various boards leading to redundancy and revenue and financial losses. Further, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are fast changing the landscape of e-learning. To gear up to these new changes Firstobject is re-orienting itself and this transformation may take significant period of time.


Introduction- Digital India and the Role of eLearning

India’s education system — be it primary, secondary or higher levels — is fraught with quality and quantity challenges: There is a shortage of quality teachers, an enabling environment for students and infrastructure, just to point out a few.

These hurdles are not going to go away soon even though there is a surge in the number of students at all levels and an increasing demand for quality education. There is also a corresponding demand from industry for skilled human resource.

But this thirst and demand for quality education and trained personnel will not be easy to quench because it takes time, funds and quality human resource to set up good institutions.

Then there is the rule book: Starting a school or a college in India needs magical levels of energy and perseverance.

The fact that India’s current educational infrastructure cannot meet the current and future needs of the country is well known. Despite having more than half the population under 25 years of age, India is expected to face a shortage of 250 million skilled workers by 2022. Additionally, traditional education has failed to metamorphose in order to be relevant for today’s rapidly changing requirements. The rate of advancement of technologies and resulting opportunities is much too rapid for traditional programs and curriculum to keep up. Besides, there is a whole world of skills that are not even in the purview of the traditional education system (Arts, hobbies, soft skills, etc).

The adoption of e-learning is a policy initiative dependent, though eLearning will play a big role in helping bringing a step change to our education problem. Meeting the customer student needs directly is a possibility, but it requires huge marketing expenditure.

What is eLearning Exactly?

Broadly, eLearning involves the use of digital media and technology to deliver learning experiences. A learning experience attempts to simulate the real-world classroom learning process. It involves assembling great content, distributing it to facilitate learning, managing the learning process and providing validations (E.g. tests, certifications). eLearning typically reaches learners through one of 4 channels: Traditional Education, Corporates, Government or Direct Consumer. In the past few years, direct consumer learning has emerged as one of the fastest growing channels with due marketing expenditure committed by the companies in the field. On the supply side, the industry has content providers (Authors, Institutions, etc.), service providers (Content creation, Publishing, Marketing, etc.) and technology providers (Authoring tools, Platforms, Learning Management Systems, etc.). Businesses in the eLearning space often straddle more than one bucket to deliver a seamless experience.

Market Size

Currently, the school segment is valued at US$ 52 billion and contributes 52 per cent to the education market in India, higher education contributes 15 per cent of the market size, text-book, and allied services contribute 28 per cent and vocational education in manufacturing and services contributes 5 per cent. Higher education system in India has undergone rapid expansion. Amid the opportunities spread across in the traditional mode, e-learning has to make its place in terms of significant contribution for which huge marketing expenses for propagation and brand building are essential.

In E-education, Firstobject is ready to caters to:

• Pre Schooling

• Schooling

• Various Entrance Examinations

• Professional Courses


Preschool learning is very important in the initial development of a child’s life. For one, kids get their first taste of education. They start learning things through play. At this stage of life, kids are not really expected to study. But the actual learning is imparted with the help of products developed for kids such as games, songs and other activities. Children also get to taste independence factor. Our Products for Preschools contribute significantly in the preliminary education of the child.

At Firstobject, we have utilized the services of teachers who understand the psyche of students and parents. This has not only helped in figuring out the right way of teaching an individual child but also arrive at the correct model for developing the Preschool products. Our Pre School offerings contain Rhymes, games, stories, songs, alphabets and numbers, etc to give the kids the fun and zeal when they learn the first lessons of their lives. A child is made ready to identify different objects, colours and various common things. Children are also made to develop different self-help qualities along with basic etiquette’s. Under Pre School we cover the whole gamut of content right from play school to Senoir KG.


Firstobject offers E-Educational products mapped to the State Boards and CBSE for Pre School, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th , 5th , 6th , 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th Std. syllabus course on subjects viz. Mathematics (Algebra and Geometry), Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and Social Science (History, Civics, Geography and Economics) are available under the brand names of First Pre School and First e School. Our courseware have been designed and prepared by eminent Academicians. The course content comprises of NCERT Questions, Enhance your Knowledge, Board Questions, Mock test which contains animations, examples, practice questions and much more to supplement the actual process of learning thereby promoting a swift grasp of the subject.

We aspire to be world class tuition and test preparation brand and our commitment and efforts towards our goal remain concerted and consistent.


The Company has developed and launched its E-Learning Modules for A.P State Board, Telangana State Board, Maharashtra State Board and CBSE Syllabus under 10+2 category, Engineering CET (Common Entrance Test), Law CET (Common Entrance Test) and Law Education and Management CET (Common Entrance Test).

The E-Learning modules, meant for A.P State Board, Telangana State Board, Maharashtra State Board and CBSE, are prepared subject-wise for classes under 10+2 stream and each module has been worked out with meticulous planning under the supervision of eminent scholars and academicians. Both under E-learning and E-Tutorial, each subject is covered keeping in mind the average student IQ and each topic has been covered under 3 sub modules in the form of Virtual Class, Tutorials and Notes.


Firstobject provides tutorials and materials for select subjects for various Entrance examinations like Engineering, Law, Management, Medical, etc in the state level currently and intends to expand at the National level.

Professional Courses:

Firstobject also provides all tutorials and materials for Law currently and in the process of expanding it to Management and Engineering Course Curriculum.


The Law course is a realm where crises in social and financial areas amid the public are fairly marked. A degree in law not only offers straight opportunities for occupation but provides an instrument to fight against inequality and wrong deeds of all types in the country. Earlier, Law students had few options but nowadays they have plenty of them. From being a practicing Lawyer they can become judges in various courts. The prestige is always connected with this profession. Various types of courses and careers are available in this faculty including LLB.

Law is a bunch of categorized rules and regulations under which any society or country is governed. Law is one of the most essential and fundamental topic in any country. The Law regulates the rules that define human rights and obligations.

People who break these rules have to suffer the penalties for their activities. The Law describes how the Government shall impose the rules and penalties. Justice is a proper standard that applies to all human behaviors. Thus, Law is the base of the society and a vital weapon of social change.

LLB is a law course of three-year duration. To get admission for this course, the students have to give an entrance test and a personal interview. The course arrangement is divided into 6 semesters. Our course curriculum material act as tutorials for the LAW Degree aspirants.


At Firstobject we offer differentiated IT services using a unique network of global delivery models. The Company is adept in delivering specific business technology solutions. The Company’s strength lies in its innate ability to understand the requirements of its clients and to continuously build the competencies and strengthen the domain capabilities to provide integrated Software Solutions, Consulting and outsourcing customized to client’s business-specific needs.

The Company focuses on delivering business impact to its clients by maximizing returns on their investments in IT and through Outsourcing solutions. The Company’s unique capabilities allow it to leverage strong partnerships, latest technology innovations and human capital to deliver excellence through its global delivery model.

The Company recognizes the need for scale and capacity in competing for large contracts against top-tier competitors, your Company has been making substantial investments in expanding its front-end capabilities, its human capital base and leveraging its world-class infrastructure facilities.


We work with clients to develop and deliver innovative solutions that can successfully transform an organization’s capabilities. We have the breadth of experience, global resources, superior assets and deep knowledge and insights to create new forms of value and to help our clients become high-performance businesses.

We consult our clients from strategy to execution, we also delivers the insight need for better decision making and improved business outcomes to accelerate high performance.

Consulting helps in following ways:

• Driving growth—from new markets, new customer segments and opportunities, marketing transformation and innovation.

• Enhancing cost and cash advantage—through balance sheet efficiency; enhanced working capital; better capital allocation and return on investment; and resetting structural costs for more flexibility.

• Improving operational excellence—by realigning the operating model; reengineering key processes; focusing on lean processes and operational effectiveness; and sourcing operational excellence.

• Restructuring the business at scale—through M&A, divestitures, consortia, industry restructuring, value chain restructuring and business ecosystems.

• Winning the war for talent—by re-skilling the workforce, sourcing new talent, developing change agents and creating a human capital strategy.

From strategy to execution

Economic volatility, increasing globalization, rising complexity and growing interconnectivity have forced businesses to make major changes to their operations in recent years. At the same time, advances in technology such as cloud computing, service-oriented architecture and software-as-a-service are creating more flexible, configured application environments that can deliver tremendous value if used properly. We help organizations to deal with change successfully while developing and operating scalable, efficient and agile business processes to create both immediate and long-term competitive advantage.

The primary focus of our Growth is to drive growth by providing a continuous flow of information and ideas covering market sector. We incorporate our global market analysts, market research consultants, and industry experts’ perspectives with proven methodologies to help clients manage risk and achieve their profitability and growth objectives.

Our ERP implementation and ERP integration methodologies speed time-to-value delivery for a number of reasons, including their incorporation of the right analytics for real-time decision-making. Our ERP implementation solutions also seamlessly integrate applications across various platforms and technologies, to increase the value of IT investments, and enhance productivity and profitability. Our ERP services expertise includes implementation and the integration of diverse and distributed application portfolios - within and across the extended enterprise. We support customers across the entire range of the


Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO):

Firstobject Technologies provides middle office and back office support to capital market arms of leading global banks, educational institutions, manufacturing giants and services companies. Our customer-partners are all leaders in their respective industries and are included in top business enterprises. With each of our partners, we manage a number of discrete programs providing specific needs across multiple divisions. Current customer programs include data search programs, research report preparations, price monitoring and competitive analytics, financial contract risk management and data reconciliation services

Below are some Demand and supply side drivers for KPO Industry

Demand side drivers


Part i: External Risks relating to the Business of the Company:

1. Changes in Government policies could adversely affect the Company’s business, results of operations and financial condition.

2. A decline in India’s foreign exchange reserves may affect liquidity and interest rates in the Indian economy, which could have an adverse impact on the Company. A rapid decrease in reserves would also create a risk of higher interest rates and a consequent slowdown in growth.

3. If inflation were to rise in India, the Company might not be able to increase the prices of its services and products in order to pass costs on to its customers and the Company’s profits might decline.

4. A significant change in the Central and State Governments’ economic liberalization and deregulation policies could disrupt the Company’s business.

5. If regional hostilities, terrorist attacks or social unrest in India increase, the Company’s business could be adversely affected and the price of the Shares could decrease.

6. A slowdown in economic growth in India could cause the Company’s business to suffer

7. Natural calamities could have a negative impact on the Indian economy and could cause the Company’s business to suffer and the price of the Shares to decrease.

Part ii : Risks Associated with the Expansion of the Company’s Business

1. The Company faces risks and uncertainties associated with the implementation of its expansion projects.

The Company plans to expand its brand and product portfolios and its service and distribution networks in India and abroad in the near future, both organically and inorganically via strategic acquisitions. In taking these and any other such expansion initiatives, the Company faces risks and uncertainties, including that:

* Funding anticipated to be deployed towards the cost of the project will not become available in a timely manner or at all.

* Strategic acquisitions may not initially return profits or may incur losses in the future.

2. The company has various education modules, to sell them company requires specialized marketing force which also needs huge expenditure, paucity of funds may delay aggressive marketing of its e-learning products.

3. IT/ITES services have become very competitive and margins are under pressure due to varied kind of assignments.

4. E-learning offerings are subject to syllabus changes from time to time.

Risks and Risk Mitigation

The ITES Industry thrives under a dynamically changing and highly competitive business environment. The Company too faces several business risks, of which some prominent ones are discussed hereunder alongside the risk mitigation approach followed by the Company:

Concentration risks

The Company has taken significant steps to ensure that it does not become too dependent on few clients or any particular geography.

Considerable efforts are being made to generate business from new geographies.

Investment portfolio related risks

In order to deal with surplus cash, the Company, as a policy, does not prefer to invest in high risk assets such as equities and low liquidity assets like real estate etc. The primary area of risk for the Company’s market exposures are related to its investment in securities. To mitigate risk, surplus funds if any are invested in appropriate avenues upon a review by the investment committee. All investment decisions are driven by certain guiding principles like, safety of investments, liquidity and-returns.

Employee-related risks

Attrition: Human Resource functions and initiatives of the Company are driven by a strong set of values and policies. The Company has maintained a competitive, healthy and harmonious work environment at all levels. The Company has taken new initiatives to strengthen its recruitment processes, values and vision programmes, leadership and performance management programmes to retain the best talent.

Constraints in availability of skilled resources

The Company offers competitive salary constantly benchmarked to the market, world class infrastructure, excellent work culture, high class training and career development and long term growth prospect, to remain an employer of choice. The Company’s development centers are in cities which have good availability of skilled manpower.

Competition-related risk

Indian IT services market remains a very competitive space. The Company is facing competition from large Indian IT vendors and global vendors which are increasing their India presence by setting up offshore delivery centres.

The Company is managed by locally recruited professionals and talents across all geographies. They have established strong interaction with various analyst firms worldwide through participation in IT conferences and industry specific events attended by ClO’s and executives of major corporations. Sales & marketing and delivery infrastructure of the Company is world class. This helps the Company to maintain its competitive edge over other players.

Exchange rate risk: Hedge Accounting

The company has policies and measures in place to mitigate Exchange rate risk.

Geo-political risks

The ability of Indian ITES services companies to secure offshore projects from client organisations abroad is often subject ‘to threat perceptions as regards the Indian subcontinent. Current civil situations in neighboring countries of India may have negative implications for the operations of the Company. To mitigate these risks and to ensure continued delivery of services to clients irrespective of any geo-political disturbances, the Company has been taking appropriate measures in respect of disaster recovery and business continuity, at different locations.