Frontier Springs Ltd Management Discussions.


The Company is engaged in manufacture of Coil Springs, Leaf Springs, LHB Springs and forging items. During the year under review, the Company has responded to the challenges by enhancing Customer focus and expanded its business by procuring the profitable orders by building the efficient sales and prompt delivery. The company plans to install a Six Ton Hammer in the current financial year as a result of which we will be able to forge new products which was not possible due to capacity constraints. We have been approved by Bombardier Inc for supply of Coil Springs for Metro Coaches. The Company is optimistic about the long term opportunities while at the same time meeting the short term challenges hence best internal preparedness is being made to aggressively grab the opportunities and to take maximum advantage of such opportunities.


During the year under review, the Company has signed an agreement with Cresendo Worldwide. Cresendo Worldwide is an International Trade and FDI generating organization in India which has its presence globally and help boost our sales and procured many profitable orders from Indian Railways, BHEL BEML and other heavy industries and is expected to continue with the same. In the emerging competitive scenario, there is a compelling need to improve the global competitiveness of the various businesses to handle the competitive forces and to secure the customer base. The Company is emphasizing on stringent quality control measures to accelerate continuous growth for supply orders of the Companys product.


The Companys position as the market leader is due to its persistent efforts and emphasis in the areas like product quality, introduction of new products through in-house development, competitive pricing and extremely competitive cost structure, continuous product improvement and dynamic approach to situation. In future, Company is firm, with its object of serving the end user of Companys product in an efficient and timely manner.


In the coming decade, the main focus would be on enhancing efficiency and productivity, and on innovation driven by changing customer demands. Price sensitivity of the Indian consumer, cost optimization needs of manufacturers and increasing focus on environmental concerns will drive critical changes in market.

Currently, the Company perceives the following main business risks:

a) Exposed to volatility in raw material prices;

b) Pressure on selling price due to increase in competition.

Company is trying to work out long term contracts with suppliers with a view to ensure uninterrupted supply of input feed mix. The assets, buildings, plant & machinery and stock of the Company are adequately insured.


In the back of significant market, opportunities described earlier, the outlook for the coming year is extremely promising. Your Directors are of view that if conscious strategy to reduce production cost and development of new products is being followed, coupled with the supportive markets, financial performance of the Company shall stage a turn around.


The Company is committed to maintain internal control systems and procedures designed to provide reasonable assurance for orderly and efficient conduct of business and security of its assets. Actual performance is constantly monitored by the management. The Company has a well-defined Organization Structure and authority level. The internal control system is supplemented by an extensive review by the management and documented policies, guidelines andprocedures.


The Company believes that its employees are a vital resource in the current business environment. To ensure that this resource plays important role in the performance of the Company, the company is pursuing the following:

• It is engaged in providing continuous training and all round exposure to its people.

• It is inviting suggestions from all the employees on regular basis and is also engaged in obtaining feedback in a meaningful way from time to time.

• It is ensuring proper empowerment of employees to foster a sense of ownership among them.

In brief, it is providing an opportunity to all employees to utilize their full potential and grow in the Organization.