Ganon Products Ltd Management Discussions.

The information, as required under SEBI (Listing Obligations & Disclosures Requirements) Regulations, 2015 is as under:-

Ganon Products Limited (Formerly known as Ganon Trading & Finance Co. Limited) is mainly engaged in Trading Business of Commodities more specifically in Cotton, Fabrics, Steel, Metal, Coal etc domestically and internationally. The Company is exploring various options to improve margins of the Company, by having tight control on expenses & exploring various business activities. Despite various adverse factors we firmly believe that Indian economic will grow this presents vast opportunities for us to grow our businesses in the medium to long term, though short-term pain remains a possibility. We further believe the policy of liberalization and forward looking regulatory changes will help markets grow in size. While positive Government policies and regulatory changes do enlarge the scope of opportunities for all sector in which Company operate and companies, lack of or delay in reforms or certain regulatory changes can significantly impact the performance or make an existing business model unviable. The growth in the all sector is very good and Management expects better results in forth coming year. The company is planning to venture into trading of other merchandise products through the existing chain of Whole sellers and retailers.


The Global Economy including both developed and emerging countries is showing signs of growth with improved market confidence, recovering in commodity prices and pickup in manufacturing and Trade. Although the growth prospects face various challenges like conflicts, protectionist attitude of developed economies etc., Going Forward, global growth is projected to edge up but at a slower pace.

India is one of the fastest growing economy in the world and is expected to grow at a faster pace in the coming year on the backdrop of strong domestic consumption, policy reforms, and government spending on infrastructure.

In view of the aforesaid global & domestic scenarios the International Trading Industry shown an almost stagnant performance and is expected to grow in the coming years due to the various pragmatic initiatives of the Indian Government and expected revival of the Global Economy.


With the reform oriented and business friendly government at the center and India among the fastest developing economy of the world, the opportunities for the company appears to be endless. However the trading industry may face the risk of imposition of a ban on import/export of a commodity by the government of any country, decrease in consumer demand, price war among key competitors.


The Company operates into single segment i.e. Trading Industry henceforth information in respect of Segment Performance does not applicable to the Company.


With the global economy appearing to be on the path of revival and with the high income economies showing signs of firm recovery after years of low growth and/or recession, the outlook for the International Trading Industry in particular and Trading Industry in general appears to be bright. The stable and growth oriented Government at the Center and its initiatives like make-in-India, digitalization, GST Implementation in Indirect Tax Regime, ONE Tax ONE India will benefit the domestic economy. In view of the aforesaid the outlook of the Company also appears to be bright.


These aspects have been mentioned under the Heading "Opportunities and Threats".