GKB Ophthalmics Ltd Summary

Incorporated in Dec.81 as a public limited company, GKB Opthalmics was granted a licence as a 100% EOU in 1982. The company set up a plant at Tivim, Goa, with financial assistance from the Economic Development Corporation of Goa, Daman and Diu Ltd and The Maharashtra State Financial Corporation. It was promoted by K G Gupta, K M Gupta, B K Gupta and Ravi Gupta.The company is engaged in the manufacture and export of high-quality, single-vision mineral opthalmic lenses. Commercial production commenced in May 83. It has an installed capacity of 30 lac lenses pa. The company completed the expansion programme by expanding the capacity of single vision lenses to 33 lac pcs pa. It also installed facilities for coating 1.72 lac pcs of lenses pa. The above project was completed at a new loacation -- Pilerne Industrial Estate, Bardez-Goa. The company has shifted the single vision plant to the new premises in phases. In 1996-97, it increased the installed capacity of ophthamal lenses by 9,00,000 nos to 30,00,000 nos.The company had floated a wholly owned subsidiary (WOS) at Bermen, Germany which acts as a stock point and have proper liasion with the buyers in and around Europe. To utilise its full capacity the company is planning to take a new shed which is adjacent to the current factory area, and the total area of the new shed is 1656 sq.mtrs. The associate company viz GKB Vision is performing well and has reported a healthy turnover. GKB ophthalmics ltd has made a substantial investment in the associated company.