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"Annexure- III"

FY 2022-2023 saw the two waves of the COVID pandemic creating disruptions. However, the year ended on a positive note with complete unlocking and recovery in economic activities. Notwithstanding this, the onset of geopolitical tensions and subsequent escalation on the European peninsula has increased global uncertainties leading to a rise in commodity and fuel prices. The global impact of which has increased pressure on the supply side economics, leading to rising inflationary pressures and unprecedented challenges over both global and domestic economies. Such global uncertainties have also influenced the capital markets in Q4 of the financial year under review with all major indices going into correction mode; impacting industries linked to capital markets.

According to the second advance estimates of Indias Gross Domestic Product (GDP) published by the National Statistical Office for the financial year 2022-2023, GDP growth in the first and second quarter was 20.1% and 8.4% respectively. In the third quarter, the GDP growth slowed down to 5.4%. In the fourth quarter, India witnessed third wave of infection but remained largely unaffected owing to vaccination of large proportion of population. Indias GDP growth in Financial Year 20222023 is estimated at 8.9%, compared to a contraction of 7.3% in Financial Year 2021-2022. The Index of Industrial Production grew 11.3% against an 8.4% contraction in Financial Year 2021-2022. The consumer and business confidence was resilient with improvement in general economic situation, household incomes, and spending. The economic recovery continued its positive momentum throughout the festive season.As a part of rehabilitation measure to reduce the stress caused by COVID-19 pandemic, the government has extended the Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme till March 31, 2023 to provide credit support to small and micro organizations with expansion of guarantee cover by Rs. 50,000 crores to total cover of Rs. 5 lakh crores. It also provisioned additional credit of Rs. 2 lakh crores for Micro and Small Enterprises to be facilitated under the Credit Guarantee Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises. It further accelerated the MSME performance with an outlay of Rs. 6,000 crores over five years. Overall, the year was a mixed bag. India still contends to be amongst the fastest-growing economies on the back of favourable dynamics; however, the global conditions continue to create significant headwinds.

1. Industry structure and developments

After a prolonged period of economic sluggishness followed by a stabilization phase, the overall economy has started to show signs of an upward trend in the current year. The market has started to show a positive movement. Lower interest rates coupled with various discount schemes offered by developers in recent quarters have boosted the demand and confidence in the sector. The positive trend for our industries will continue this year.

2. Opportunities and threats

Being a trading Company, our Company is exposed to specific risks that are particular to its business and the environment within which it operates including interest rate volatility, economic cycle, Inflation could trigger increase in consumer price inflation, which would dampen growth, Striking a balance between demand and supply, Unfavorable economic development and market risk.

2. Segment-wise or product-wise performance

During the year under review, since Company is being working in a single segment therefore the specific performance does not stand eligible.

4. Outlook

The presence of a stable government at the center will be a major catalyst in taking major decisions which would push forward the pace of reforms and thereby directly improving the macro-economic environment. It is now being forecasted that in the near future, the Indian economy will become the fastest growing emerging market.

The Government is looking at easing investment conditions in India and focusing on project clearances. Also, 2023 is expected to see a rush of foreign direct investments (FDI) coming into India supported by FII inflows, thanks to liberalizing the defense, insurance and construction sectors. It is expected that Governments major structural/economic liberalization policies will be reflected in 2022 Union Finance Budget and the same is expected to further boost the industry sentiments.

Looking at the Indian economy the Company has plans to diversify its business in future.

5. Risks and areas of concern

Our strength is our determination and team work, weakness is the low equity base, opportunities are multiples and threats are the vibrations in the economy and government policies.

In any business, risks and prospects are inseparable. As a responsible management, the Companys endeavor is to maximize returns. The Company continues to take all steps necessary to minimize its expenses through detailed studies and interaction with experts.

6. Internal control systems and their adequacy

The Company has carried out the internal audit in-house and has ensure that recording and reporting are adequate and proper, the internal controls exist in the system and that sufficient measures are taken to update the internal control system. The system also ensures that all transaction is appropriately authorized, recorded and reported. Exercises for safeguarding assets and protection against unauthorized use are undertaken from time to time. The Companys audit Committee reviewed the internal control system. All efforts are being made to make the internal control systems more effective. All these measures are continuously reviewed by the management and as and when necessary improvements are affected.

7. Discussion on financial performance with respect to operational performance

The Company recorded a standalone turnover of Rs. 12,506.56 Lakhs during the year as against Rs. 84,55.77 Lakhs in the previous year and the Company has earned a profit after tax of Rs. 903.41 Lakhs as compared to the profit after tax of Rs. 340.72 Lakhs in the previous financial year. The management of the Company is putting their best efforts to improve the performance of the Company. Further the company has recorded turnover of Rs. 16,465.77 Lakhs on consolidated basis.

The financial statements have been prepared in compliance with the requirements of the Companies Act, 2013 and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in India. Further, the profits and turnover of the Company were impacted positively in comparison to the previous year profits and turnover.

8. Material developments in human resources/industrial relations front, including number of people employed.

The Company had sufficient numbers of employees at its administrative office. The Company recognizes the importance of human value and ensures that proper encouragement both moral and financial is extended to employees to motivate them. The Company enjoyed excellent relationship with workers and staff during the last year.

9. Cautionary Statement

The statements in the "Management Discussion and Analysis Report" section describes the Companys objectives, projections, estimates, expectations and predictions, which may be "forward looking statements" within the meaning of the applicable laws and regulations. The annual results can differ materially from those expressed or implied, depending upon the economic and climatic conditions, Government policies and other incidental factors.