Impex Ferro Tech Ltd Company Summary

Impex Ferro Tech Ltd, a part of Impex Group of Companies was incorporated in the year 1995. The Company was established with intention of manufacturing Silico Manganese and Ferro Manganese. The Company is promoted by Vimal Kumar Patni and Mr. Rohit Patni.The Company manufactures manganese based alloys i.e. Ferro Manganese and Silica Manganese. The Company is operating the Ferro Alloy Plant comprising of 5 submerged Arc furnaces of 3.6 MVA, 5 MVA, 7.5 MVA, 8.25 MVA and 7.5 MVA at Burdwan in West Bengal. During the year 1997-98, the company set up two numbers submerged Arc Furnaces of 3.6 & 5.0 MVA rating plant for manufacturing Silico Manganese and Ferro Manganese at Burdwan in West Bengal. In the year 2002, the company set up their third furnace with a rating of 7.5 MVA and commenced commercial production. In the year 2005, the company came out with the public issue and their shares were listed on BSE and NSE. Also, they set up their fourth furnace submerged arc furnace of 8.25 MVA capacity for manufacturing HC Silico Manganese and converting a part of the HC Ferro Manganese output into MC Ferro Manganese through the SSM Converter route.During the year 2008-09, it commissioned the fifth Submerged Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) of 7.5 MVA capacity for manufacturing HC Ferro Manganese. The use of ferro alloys in the making of various types of carbon and alloy steels are essentially to impart certain physical and chemical properties in a particular grade of steel e.g. change in tensile strength, ductility, hardness, corrosion, resistance, wear resistance or abrasion resistance properties. Ferro Alloys are also commonly used for deoxidation, desulphurisation and refining of steel. The use of Ferro Manganese and Silico Manganese in the production of carbon steel is primarily because of refining and deoxidation of steel.