Intense Technologies Ltd Management Discussions.


This financial year the Company was able to show strong increment in Revenues, EBITDA and Profitability. All the overseas subsidiaries of the company have contributed positively during the year under review. The Revenues increased by 21.12% to 7,027.69 Lakh, while EBITDA at 2,322.38 Lakh increased by 82.55% and EBITDA margins at 33.04%. The profit after tax is 1,736.88 Lakh, an increase by 98.58% with an EPS of 8.38. Your company has consecutively declared dividends to the shareholders.

This significant increase in revenue is the testimony of growing demand for our solutions globally and trust of our existing customers. Competing with global players, we have been chosen after stringent evaluation, to implement a project of national importance to digitalize the revenue related citizen services. We are partnering with a large System Integrator to implement the project of digitalizing citizen services at a national scale, the scope of the project includes processing of 10 to 12 billion USD of revenue data. This is a vindication of the technological superiority of our platform.

This year we have penetrated deeper into the Banking and Financial Services verticals in the domestic markets while building deeper relations with existing customers. We are expanding the level of our engagements with telecom service providers. All our customers deliver consistent customer engagement across physical and digital channels.

While we are helping enterprises adopt digital, we are focused on leveraging the Digital India opportunity and collaborating with System Integrators, Government agencies and other partners to play an important role in building Digital India.

While these developments have resulted in improving revenues, enhanced brand value, and greater market share, our future holds better promise.

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted businesses, driving the global economy towards recession. Though we cannot avert the negative implications of the pandemic, it is also opening up lot of opportunities as there is growing drive towards becoming digital. Enterprises across the world are exploring ways to engage with their customers through digital channels in more personalized ways to reduce operational costs of customer support and service.

Opportunities that present huge growth potential:

We are in a good position to leverage the following opportunities, which will ensure that we not only maintain, but also grow our revenue:

Joining forces with SIs to build digital world:

• We have partnered with large System Integrators to digitalize citizen services of national importance. The scope of the project includes processing 10 to 15 million USD of revenue.

• Our platform UniServe™ NXT is being implemented to automate digital filing of statutory documents of all eligible citizens. The Govt. has put plans in place to increase the taxpayer base over the next few years by creating a user friendly system.

• This verifies our commitment to being a trusted partner to the government in enabling and empowering officials to do more with digital technology in the citizen services space.

• E Filing will be accessed by millions of citizens of the country to file statutory documents

• The objective is to to increase, by more than threefold, the coverage of citizens

• Improve citizen experience to ensure voluntary compliance

• Target to reduce processing time of documents from 63 days to 24 hours

Customer Communications Management is in growth mode, and we are well equipped to leverage the opportunity:

• In the CCM domain, we are leaders in the telecom and insurance domains in South Asia, and we are penetrating fast into the banking and financial services verticals.

• Globally, during these challenging times, there is an increased demand for our solution across verticals. We are also working with strategic partners to penetrate the markets.

• We continue to be prominently featured in Gartner Reports and Aspire Leaderboard for the CCM domain, since 2017.

• Enterprises in the emerging markets are unifying multiple applications for multi-channel delivery to provide consistent CX and build a competitive edge. Our CCM solutions are tried, trusted, and awarded for addressing this business need.

• In mature markets, enterprises are looking to change their existing customer communications solutions to the ones that are cloud-based, agile, and offer hassle-free change management with lower TCO. This is opening new opportunities in the replacement market.

• Videos, interactive statements with Al-based chatbots, and personalized merchandise offers are attracting many enterprises due to their immense potential in reducing customer support costs and opening new revenue streams. The latest version of our solution addresses these new use cases.

Growing traction in domestic markets and spreading global brand presence

• We have expanded our engagements within the insurance and banking industry in India by working with all leading banks, life / general insurance companies. Our solutions are critical components of their business and help them elevate customer experience and expedite time to market.

• Our managed services contract with Indias public sector telecom operator is progressing well, and we are implementing a loyalty management system for their subscribers to introduce new revenue streams.

• We are continuously improving our relationship with the second-largest telecom service provider headquartered in the UK and are exploring implementation of new solutions.

• In mature markets, we are working with strategic partners and analyst firms to improve our brand equity and penetrate new verticals. There is renewed interest in offerings of customer engagement and legacy transformations in these regions.

Pandemic opening up big opportunities for us globally

McKinsey, in its COVID report, mentions that lockdowns have accelerated digital adoption, driving entirely new patterns of consumption.

• There is an immediate mandate for all enterprises to enable their services through digital channels and support their customers consistently through both digital and physical channels. We are witnessing improved interest in our solutions because of this.

• These challenging times are also changing the way employees work. Enterprises need to empower employees to work remotely. Thus there is an increased need to digitalize their existing legacy systems quickly without rip and replace.

All these events are leading to an increase in demand for our UniServeTM NXT platform and our customer experience digitalization solutions built on the platform.

Industry Developments:

• Organizations need to deliver innovation and adapt more quickly to respond to the accelerating pace of business change.

• Customers and employees increasingly expect more contextualized and personalized experiences.

• Current application portfolios were designed to address the challenges of the past. They are an obstacle to innovation. However, they cannot be replaced completely due to the costs and risks associated with major change.

• A composable enterprise is an organization that can innovate and adapt to changing business needs through an assembly and combination of packaged business capabilities.

• Our existing digitalization of CX solutions provides enterprises with an immediate fix to streamline their customer interactions, enabling digital services.

• Our digital business platform UniServe™ NXT helps build composable architecture and enables enterprises to build their own customizable applications, transform legacy without replacing existing applications, and digitalize the customer experience lifecycle.

• The fundamental value of a low-code development platform is that it brings IT and the business together, enabling more rapid, iterative, and collaborative development.

• To harness these new opportunities, our existing solutions digitalize CX lifecycle from Customer Onboarding, Customer Communications, Centralized Engagement Hub and B2B and B2C self-service portals helping enterprises quickly transform their CX in line with their digital transformation strategy.

How UniServe™ NXT is addressing the new composable enterprise demands

As Gartner suggests, a digital business platform is the technology backbone to build composable enterprises. UniServe™ NXT platform, with its advanced technology like Configurable UX, Low-code application development, BPM, data management, AI and Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment capabilities, helps enterprises become digital in the following ways:

• Empowers business engineers to develop a line of business applications that are multi-device compatible and require complex data handling capabilities

• Enables domain experts to configure extreme-scale enterprise applications to automate B2B and B2C processes with complex data management and integration capabilities with SOAP, REST and other MQs

• Helps collaborate seamlessly by integrating with other players in the ecosystem. All aspects of data security and privacy are adhered to while integrating with other enterprises.

• The architectural excellence of the platform enables seamless migration of applications by ensuring cost-effective and secured cloud deployments.

How UniServe™ NXT continues to address the digitalization of CX of enterprises:

• Gartner predicts that by 2022, 70% of customer interactions will involve emerging technologies such as machine learning applications, chatbots, and mobile messaging, up from 15% in 2018.

• Gartner reports that 81% of executives believe they will compete on customer experience alone.

• Availability of pre-built solutions on UniServe™ NXT platform to digitalize customer experience lifecycle from customer onboarding, customer communications management, centralized communications hub, B2B, and B2C CX portals, financial reconciliation, among others, help organizations build a competitive edge.

• We are continuously evolving our roadmap of existing solutions to include advance technologies such as AI and ML capabilities, which will open up and upgrade new customer engagement opportunities.

Our digital platform, pre-built CX solutions, and our proven expertise of implementing enterprise-scale digital transformation projects have all put us in great stead to exploit the global opportunity of helping enterprises, small and large, to become digital first.

Our Value Proposition:

• Our suite of solutions built on our platform UniServe™ NXT is tried, tested, and trusted by Fortune 500 companies across 4 continents in 45 countries.

• Today, we process 25 billion USD worth client revenue data, help onboard 2.5 million customers daily, send more than 500 million notifications every day, and have over 500 million customer base across our engagements.

• Our platform helps enterprises become agile and adapt to digital-first strategies, thus build a competitive edge in the market.

• The digital CX solutions built on our platform help enterprises to digitalize their customer interactions and thereby improve loyalty and reduce operations costs.

• Our strong data management capabilities enable enterprises to transform their legacy infrastructure and modernize applications obviating the need to rip and replace existing applications.

• Our platform helps in digital decoupling of channels to render personalized, consistent and consolidated CX across multiple physical and digital channels.

• Our customers often aver that they have chosen us because of the extended scope of our solutions, comprehensive data management capabilities, scalability, efficient service delivery model, domain expertise and proven track record.

• Our platform UniServe™ NXT and solutions built on it help enterprises reduce operational and application development costs, improve productivity by 200%, reduce customer support costs by reducing traffic to customer care, and achieve faster time to market due to process agility.

Market Potential:

According to Gartner Predictions 2020 and Beyond

• By 2024, 75% of large enterprises will be using at least four low-code development tools for both IT application development and citizen development initiatives.

• By 2021, at least one-third of enterprises will have deployed a multi-experience development platform to support mobile, web, conversational and augmented reality development.

• By 2022, 70% of enterprises will be experimenting with immersive technologies for consumer and enterprise use, and 25% will have deployed them to production.

• By 2020, we expect that companies that are digitally trustworthy will generate 20% more online profit than those that arent.

Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders must:

• Center their innovation efforts on people and use tools such as personas, journey maps, technology radars, and roadmaps to evaluate opportunities, challenges, and time frames for adoption.

• Embrace multi-experience and implement development platforms and design principles to support conversational, immersive, and increasingly ambient experiences.

Forrester Predictions and Recommendations - 2020

1. More than 55% of consumers will consider company values when making a buying decision - Focus on co-creating values-driven experiences with customers and employees.

2. The top 10% of CMOs will broaden their role in the name of customer value. Establish a successful ecosystem by threading the needle between employee experience, customer experience, brand purpose, creative, and technology, imbuing all these crucial areas with customer obsession.

3. CIOs will automate 10% of their IT tasks and look to up-skill everyone. Equip your firm for automation (and all of the technologies the term encapsulates) using tools and frameworks to minimize growing pains and truly unlock the power of the digital transformation.

4. The number of CX executives will grow by 25%. Develop innovative, customer-delighting experiences that combine technology, creativity, and deep customer understanding.

Keeping in view the above-mentioned trends, it is evident that our solutions help enterprises build competitive edge by digitalizing their customer experience lifecycle. Our platform is integral to this landscape and enterprises can use it to build custom enterprise applications, which have immense market potential. We are also witnessing an increased demand for digitalization of various customer interfacing business processes due to the current pandemic situation. We continue to explore newer means of working with our customers and finding new opportunities even during adversity.


As a company, we are always focused on investing in R&D, ahead in the technological advancements. This is vindicated by the accolades we won.

• Intense Technologies has been positioned as a Leader in the 2020 Aspire Leaderboard Business Automation grid and as a Focused vendor in the Overall Leaders for CCM, Communication Composition and Omni-channel orchestration grids

• Positioned as Leader in 2019 Aspire Leaderboard Business Automation grid and Aspirational in the Overall Leaders for CCM, Communication Composition and Omni-channel orchestration grids

• Weve been featuring in Gartner reports since 2017 for CCM domain and have been featured in their Market Guide as one of the Representative Vendors of the Customer Communications Management in 2019.

• We have also been featured in The Enterprise World as one of the "The Most Trustworthy Consulting Companies” in 2019.

• Our solutions are featured prominently in "Indian Enterprise Software Products on Accelerated Growth Path”, a research conducted by NASSCOM and FROST & SULLIVAN

• Intense Technologies has been featured as one of the 20 most promising BPM solution providers of 2018 by CIOReview magazine in their global edition. The list features innovative leading solution providers from across the globe offering technologies and service that aid in Business Process Management.

Business Strategy:

This year with the COVID pandemic causing an inevitable economic slowdown across geographies, IDC research, as shown in the figure, has put forward various stages of the economic situation and what businesses should focus on at every stage of the economic situation.

Taking this cue from IDC, heres our strategy to help enterprises navigate the crisis:

• During the COVID crisis, as illustrated in the figure, enterprises are taking steps towards ensuring business continuity and digital-first.

How we help during this phase: The pandemic has accelerated demand for our digital CX management solutions such as digital customer onboarding, centralized customer engagement hub, and B2B and B2C self-service portals. Our digital engagement solutions built on the platform are helping enterprises to ensure business continuity by empowering their customers and employees in the lockdown scenario.

• Post-COVID scenario, as depicted in the figure, when the economic slowdown sets in, and enterprises focus on cost optimizations.

How we help during this phase: Our platform will help them digitalize operations to reduce redundancy, empower stakeholders with a single view of the customers to improve retention, ensure consistent and personalized customer communications through digital channels and reduce customer service and support costs.

• During recession when enterprises are trying to flatten the curve by building resilience:

How we help during this phase: UniServe™ NXT platform will help them build customized enterprise applications with speed and agility to achieve business objectives of faster time to market, reduced operational costs, and improved CX. Our platform will partner with them to achieve the new normal.

• The platform will also enable enterprises to modernize legacy infrastructure quickly without replacing existing applications

While helping enterprises navigate a dynamic business ecosystem, UniServe™ NXT, our digital business platform, is slated to become the new normal for enterprise technology needs.

We are uniquely positioned to assist enterprises with business continuity goals and are closely monitoring the responses of business communities, ensuring communication to continue and collaborations to happen by providing stable, consistent, and secure access to critical business applications. Now, more than ever before, the communication networks and collaboration tools have emerged as a critical lifeline for companies of all sizes.

To leverage this opportunity, we are making investments in expanding sales and marketing functions. We are also partnering with system integrators and other players to penetrate the markets.

We have also executed the strategy of targeting new verticals domestically and have penetrated deeper into the banking and insurance verticals. Most of the private life insurance players in India are using our solutions for customer communications management.

Following is our strategy to rapidly grow our market share in the digital technology platform landscape:

Collaborate with our existing customers

• We are collaborating with our existing customers to implement the UniServe™ NXT platform for their digital enablement needs and are in the process of presenting proofs of concept (POC).

• We are enabling them to switch to fast-paced, unified, consistent, and rich digital channels to consume the underlying technology capabilities and services of legacy systems and deliver next-generation digital customer experiences.

• The platform is a key enabler, integral to its core technologies that is critical for their business growth.

Work with system integrators

• We are closely working with large system integrators like IBM, Infosys, TCS, Tech Mahindra, amongst others, to deploy our platform in their labs and train them to build enterprise applications.

• This will help us test our platform in building new use cases and user journeys for various solutions.

• Faster development and delivery of the project will mutually benefit both Intense and system integrators resulting in greater revenue.

• This will also result in more number of pre-built solutions made available on our platform for end customers to customize according to their business needs.

The unprecedented demand for digital technology and solutions that can support customers through collaborative platforms, user-focused solutions and customer engagement is more perceivable than ever. As Covid-19 calls for digital transformation, we help enterprises embrace this new digital reality with ease. This situation is helping us build healthy pipeline and improve sales cycle.

Our Strengths:

• We are a global enterprise software products company headquartered in India with a strong and emerging presence in USA, LATAM, EMEA and APAC.

• We are working with strong fortune 500 customer base who contribute more than 50% of revenues on an annuity basis

We serve customers in 45+ countries across 4 continents, have 20+ years of experience in telecom and insurance domains, and an award-winning product portfolio.

Today, we process 25 billion USD worth of client revenue data, help onboard 2.5 million customers daily, send more than 500 million notifications every day, and have a 500 million customer base across our engagements.

Our solutions are cloud-based and seamlessly integrate into the clients existing systems, obviating the need to rip and replace existing hardware or software, leading to a rapid return on investment, with technology not being a hurdle at all.

We serve customers in telecom, banking, insurance, and government verticals, who contribute a significant annuity and services revenue.

We have been a platform company long before enterprises realized the need for platforms to navigate the digital era. All our solutions are built on a single platform.

Our Competition:

• We have competed and won against many global players in the domains we operate and we have been evaluated by research agencies like Gartner and Aspire Leaderboard for our capabilities.

• In the digital platform domain we compete with low-code application development players with global presence. However, our strength lies in empowering enterprises to build extreme scale enterprise applications; this is our key differentiator and creates a niche for our offerings.

• Our platform has been implemented for various use cases at enterprise scale for digitalizing citizen services, besides automation of Lawyer Management System of the Supreme Court of Philippines, and modernization of Order Management System of a leading telecommunications enterprise in Switzerland.

• In the Customer Communications Management domain, we have been featured in the market guide by Gartner and have also been featured in the focused category in Aspire Leaderboard.

• In the BPM domain we feature in the Leaders Quadrant in the Aspire leaderboard. This establishes our strengths in business process automation.

• Our data management capabilities standout in comparison with our competitors and many of our customers have chosen us because of our strengths in this area.

Outlook, Risks, and Concerns

The globe, today, is battling an unprecedented crisis that was hitherto never witnessed in human history. During these moments of uncertainty with Covid-19 severely denting the economies, businesses across the globe are witnessing significant disruptions and a variety of challenges and risks that were never envisaged before. Business uncertainty - the adverse consequence of the economic impact of the pandemic - and several collateral risks are enumerated here in this section.

Some of the specific consequent risks related the global pandemic include:

• Many of our clients business operations may be negatively impacted, resulting in postponement, termination, or suspension of some ongoing projects with us and / or reduced demand for our services and solutions.

• Our profitability may be marginally impacted as some clients have sought price reductions or discounts.

• The financial stability of our clients may get affected or they may file for bankruptcy, jeopardizing our ability to collect our account receivables and unbilled revenue.

• Lower profitability and prolonged payment terms requests from clients can impact our cash flows negatively and may impact our ability to provide dividend to shareholders.

• Unfavorable currency movements during these times may impact our profitability.

• There could be heightened regional or macro risks such as extended recession in the economy, geo-political tensions, and social unrest.

• Restrictions on travel may impact our ability to assign and deploy people at required locations and times to deliver contracted services, thereby impacting our revenue and / or profitability.

• We have incurred additional costs in procuring and deploying hardware assets and technology infrastructure and data connectivity charges for remote working.

• Our ability to procure goods and services may be impacted as some of our suppliers may not able to operate efficiently during a lockdown.

• The pandemic has impacted, and may further impact, any or all of our stakeholders - employees, clients, investors, and communities we operate in.

The following are some of the key risks faced by the company and our plans to mitigate them:

Global, economic and regulatory situation

Spending on technology products and services by our clients and prospective clients is subject to fluctuations depending on many factors, including both the economic and regulatory environments in the markets in which they operate.

Due to the COVID-19 health crisis and the corresponding substantial increase in unemployment rates across certain countries in which we operate, including the United States, United Kingdom, and MEA regions, governments have led and may in the future lead to the enactment of restrictive legislations that could limit companies in those countries from working with us, or could inhibit our ability to staff client projects in a timely manner thereby impacting our revenue and profitability.

New and changing regulatory compliances, corporate governance and public disclosure requirements add uncertainty to our compliance policies and increase our costs of compliance.

Supply-side risks

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted demand and supply chains across industries, negatively impacting the business of companies. Consequently, the market demand and supply chains have been affected, significantly increasing the risk of a global economic recession. The economic fallout of and the subsequent recovery from COVID-19 will depend on multiple factors, such as recovery driven by containment efforts, supply chain disruptions, impact of lockdowns etc. This could decrease our customers spend on technology, adversely affect demand for prospective projects, may cause cancellations or decrease in the scope of existing projects, increased requests for furloughs, increase pricing pressures, higher travel restrictions, imposition of supply-side constraints, besides, may adversely impact cash conversion cycles.

Dependence on skilled manpower

For any organization, highly skilled human resources are the vital cogs in its growth plans. This factor is more accentuated in the case of an enterprise software products company like Intense with its solutions addressing niche technologies. For, it is on this manpower with specialized domain expertise and experience both to work on the roadmap of the platform and to deploy solutions at customer locations, that the company depends. There is always a threat of manpower attrition and the risk of not being able to scale-up skilled expertise on time resulting in delays in achieving our milestones.

Long sales cycles

Restrictions on travel, marketing events, and in-person client meetings as a consequence of the pandemic may result in long sales cycles which, in turn, may result in sub-optimal branding and delays in sales and commercial processes, ultimately affecting our revenue. Such delays in the entire process can impact the timing of predicted revenues.

Dependence on business partners

Globally, we are dependent on many system integrators and partners to improve our reach to global markets and ride on their brand. While we are scaling and expanding our reach to global markets and exploring direct sales opportunities, there will be pressures on margins in the immediate term. We may engage in acquisitions, strategic investments, strategic partnerships or alliances or other ventures that may or may not be successful given the current pandemic situation.

Global competition

Intense competition in the market for technology services could affect our win rates and pricing, which could reduce our market share and decrease our revenues and / or our profits.

Proprietary technology

There can be instances of misappropriation of our technological expertise or reverse engineering of our solutions. Legal standards and scope of protection in many countries may not provide adequate protection to our proprietary technology/technologies. We have filed for copyrights and patents for around four of our innovative IPs to forefend misappropriation.

Material developments in human resources / industrial relations, including the number of people employed

Being a products company, our way of imbibing agility to our culture attracts the best talent as they will be exposed to immense learning opportunities, key responsibilities, and faster career growth.

Human capital

Our people are our biggest assets. We are a bunch of passionate individuals who love being innovative. The products and services we deliver are of the highest standard and have won the trust of our customers. We continue our endeavour to bring and hone the right talent to advance our business objectives. Our success depends largely upon our highly skilled technology professionals and our ability to hire, attract, motivate, retain and train these personnel.


We have built our talent pool by recruiting students from reputed universities and colleges in India. We have also recruited experienced, local sales and operational talent in UK and MEA regions. We rely on a rigorous selection process involving aptitude tests, technical and HR interviews to identify the right talent. The selection process continuously evolves to include new methods.

Training and development

Skill and competency development of our employees has always been of key strategic focus at Intense. In alignment with this organizational strategy, global competition, and changing market trends, we have launched new programs for our employees and enhanced our training efforts in multiple areas. Despite being restricted to their respective homes as a consequence of Covid-19, our employees are encouraged to attend a variety of virtual training sessions spanning across categories - people, processes, and products. The Learning & Development team facilitates these sessions encouraging domain experts to share their knowledge to the attendees. While registrations are invited for a majority of the sessions, certain key product trainings are made mandatory for the selected employees. We have a Learning Management System platform that combines teaching, hands-on learning and assessments of virtual training to provide the employees with an enhanced learning experience. In addition, the Learning Management System platform allows the employees to access the training courses at their convenience and complete the assigned courses from any location - ensuring continuous learning irrespective of where the employee is stationed and also not hampering the productivity.

The main focus of our training programs is to create a unique experience for learners at Intense Technologies Limited, which will enhance the relevance and effectiveness of learning.


Our people receive competitive salaries and benefits. We have a performance linked compensation program. At Intense, the work practices, and values all come together to give its employees a rewarding experience of working and contributing here. In addition to the standard compensation and benefits, we offer diverse career experiences and through platforms for creative contributions as well.