Jaipan Industries Ltd Management Discussions.

Jaipan Industries Limited is one amongst the few companies into the manufacturing of Electronic Household Accessory and has carried out a niche for them in this particular Electronic industry. The management of the company vests in the Board comprising of personnel with more than over a decade of hands-on industry experience. The day to day affairs are being managed by a team of experienced and qualified professionals.

The company always strives to achieve optimum performance at all levels by adhering to corporate governance practices which rests upon the four pillars of: transparency, disclosure, independent monitoring and fairness to all.

Continental Controls Limited always strived to promote good governance practices, which ensures that:

• A Competent management team is at the helm of affairs.

• The Board is strong with an optimum combination of Executive and Non-Executive directors, who represent the interest of all stakeholders.

• The Board effectively takes all key corporate decisions and is effectively in control of the company affairs.

• The management and employees have a stable environment.

The total revenue of the Company has been Rs. 2211.59 Lacs as against the corresponding figure of Rs. 2550.46 Lacs for the last year.

With the positive economic environment, the company is positioning itself to reach greater heights with increase in production of all its product groups. Continuous R & D initiatives have shown improvement in quality and in the introduction of new products. However, with the un-organized players in the Indian Market, more particularly in the small-scale sector, prices have been under constant pressure resulting in lower realization. This threat is being effectively met by constant product up gradation, cost reduction, avoidance of waste and going for high value component.