jayabharat credit ltd share price Management discussions

12.1 Industry Structure and Developments:

For the time being the disbursement /investment in the fresh Hire Purchase business is completely stopped for more than 3 years.

12.2 Opportunity and Threats:

The Company does not have any Public Deposit since it is fully paid off, as reported in Directors Report.

12.3 Financials:

There was no fresh business exposure during the year.

2021-2022 2020-2021
Income (Other Income) 2.68 30.68
Payment to and Provisions for employees 9.58 27.43
Other Expenditure 79.55 80.24
Interest Expenditure - -
Depreciation 0.74 0.80
Profit Before Tax/ (Loss) (87.19) 77.79
Profit After Tax/ (Loss) (87.19) 77.79
Dividend -- -

12.4 Risk & Concerns :

The Company is consolidating its existing operations by realizing the over dues of the past business transacted. There was no fresh business exposure as funds available were utilized in repayment of deposits and meeting other commitments. The companys fear is that non business exposure to the existing clients sometimes leads to default in repayment which has a cascading effect on other customers for which suitable measures are being taken.

12.5 Internal Controls:

The Company has strong Internal Control System in place and is always reviewed continuously to meet the challenges of changing requirements.

12.6 Human Resources:

Your Company always regards human resources as its most valuable asset and continuously evolves policies and processes to attract and retain its substantial pool of managerial resources through friendly work environment that encourages initiatives by individuals and recognizes their performance.

12.7 Details of significant changes:

The Company has already written off its Trade Receivables and Financial Assets as per the discussion with RBI for its confirmation as to cancellation of Certificate of Registration (COR) and accordingly COR is cancelled by RBI.

12.8 Personnel:

The Company has strong, dedicated, experienced and trained personnel to meet with the challenge/s, if any, for business requirements. The staff strength of the Company as on 31st March 2022 is 6.

12.9 Disclaimer:

Certain Statements in the Management Discussion and Analysis describing the Companys views about the industry, expectations, objectives, etc; may be understood within the meaning of applicable Laws and Regulations. Factors like changes in Government Regulations, Tax Laws and Other Factors such as Industrial Relations and Economic Developments etc; may further influence the Companys Operations or Performance.