Jonjua Overseas Ltd Management Discussions.

A. Industry Outlook

India is the worlds largest sourcing destination for the Information Technology (IT) industry, accounting for approximately 67 per cent of the market. The US$167 billion Indian IT industry employs nearly four million people. Indian IT and BPM industry is expected to grow to US$ 350 billion by 2025.

More importantly, the industry has led the economic transformation of the country and altered the perception of India in the global economy. Indias cost competitiveness in providing IT services, which is approximately 3-4 times cheaper than the US, continues to be the mainstay of its Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in the global sourcing market. However, India is also gaining prominence in terms of intellectual capital with several global IT firms setting up their innovation centers in India.

Government Initiatives

The mid-term review of Indias Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) 2015-20 has been released by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India

Government has made publishing of books and agriculture a Nil rated item in GST and placed exports under Zero rated item. Further, publication of brochures and similar material has been placed at 5%. Company will have huge leverage with the lower rates of GST.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India has eased the approval mechanism for foreign direct investment (FDI) proposals by doing away with the approval of Department of Revenue and mandating clearance of all proposals requiring approval within 10 weeks after the receipt of application.

B. Opportunities & Threats, Risks & Concern

Currency movement can have significant impact on the operations of the Company. Further, growth of global trade tensions and changes in tax structure will impact the operations of the Company.

C. Performance

There has been increase in total revenues of the Company year on year on account of better performance.

D. Outlook

With export thrust of the present government along with political stability the outlook of the Industry as a whole seems to be positive and your company is well placed to tap this opportunity going forward.

E. Internal Control Systems and their Adequacy

The Companys Internal Financial Control framework is commensurate with the size and the nature of its operations. These have been designed to provide reasonable assurance about recording and providing reliable financial and operational information, complying with applicable statutes, safeguarding assets from unauthorized use, executing transactions with proper authorization and ensuring compliance of corporate policies. The Company has laid down procedures and policies to guide the operations of the business. The operating management assessed the effectiveness of the Companys internal controls over financial reporting as of 31st March, 2020. M/s. Jain and Associates, the Statutory Auditors of the Company audited the Financial Statements included in this Annual Report and issued a report on the internal controls over financial reporting (as defined in Section 143 of the Companies Act, 2013). The Company has appointed a reputed Internal Auditor to carry out Internal Audit. The Audit is based on focused and risk based Internal Audit plan, which is reviewed each year after consulting the Audit Committee. In line with international practice, the conduct of Internal Audit is oriented towards the review of internal controls and risks in the operations of its business. The internal audit function endeavors to make meaningful contributions to the organizations overall governance, risk management and internal controls. The Audit Committee reviews reports submitted by Internal Auditor. Suggestions to improve any process are considered by the management and the Audit Committee follows up on corrective actions taken by the management. The Audit Committee also meets the Companys Statutory Auditor to ascertain, inter alia, their views on the adequacy of internal control systems and keeps the Board of Directors informed of its major observations periodically. Based on its evaluation (as provided under Section 177 of the Companies Act, 2013 and Clause 18 of SEBI Listing Regulations), the Audit Committee has concluded that as of 31st March 2020, the Internal Financial Controls were adequate and operating effectively.

F. Financial and Operational Performance

The total revenue of the Company has increased to Rs. 119.25 lakhs from Rs. 90.51 lakhs. The EBIDTA of the Company is Rs. 56.85 lakhs up from Rs. 40.17 lakhs. The Company is looking forward to increasing its profits in the coming Financial Years with the support of all the stakeholders of the Company.

G. Significant Changes in Financial Ratios

The total income of the Company has increased by 31.74% during the year and the EBIDTA has increased by 41.51%. During the year, the Company provided a Bonus issue from General Reserve.

H. Material Developments in Human Resources/Industrial Relations Front and Number of People Employed

The manpower strength of the Company as on 31 March, 2020 was 10. The Company maintained harmonious industrial relations during the Financial Year 2019-20.

I. Cautionary Statement

Certain statements made in the Management Discussion and Analysis Report relating to the Companys objectives, projections, outlook, expectations, estimates and others may constitute ‘forward looking statements within the meaning of applicable laws and regulations. Actual results may differ from such expectations whether expressed or implied. Several factors could make significant difference to the Companys Operations. These include climatic and economic conditions affecting demand and supply, Government regulations, taxation, and natural calamities and military tensions over which the Company does not have any direct control.

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Date: 29/06/2020. Jonjua Overseas Limited
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