Krishna Filament Industries Ltd Management Discussions.

The Indian economy has been adversely affected due to the impact of global financial meltdown, moderating consumption demand and depreciating currency. During the financial year downfall recorded in the manufacturing sector. During the year, there was no manufacturing operation at plant of the Company due to unavoidable circumstances beyond the control of the Company. The Company has incurred loss of 125.36 Lakhs.

Your company has a clearly documented risk management policy. The Company regularly identifies, reviews and assesses such risk and decides appropriate guideline for mitigating the same. The company has instituted adequate internal control procedure commensurate with the nature of its business and the size of its operations. Internal audit is conducted at regular intervals.

Transparency refers to sharing information and acting in an open manner. Processes and information are directly accessible to those concerned with them, and enough information is provided to understand and monitor them. Your company believes in total transparency in sharing information about its business operations with all its stakeholders. Your Company strives to provide maximum possible information in this report to keep the stakeholders updated about the Company.


Your Directors wishes to thank the Companys members and esteemed business associates for their valued contributions and support.