Liberty Shoes Ltd Summary

Liberty Shoes (LSL), incorporated in Sep.86 as a public limited company, engaged in the business of manufacturing and selling leather & non-leather shoes, leather shoe uppers and leather garments. In 1991, LSL set up a joint venture to manufacture shoes, and in Dec 1995 it was discontinued. LSL has floated its maiden public issue at a premium of Rs. 89 to part-finance the project to manufacture facility for 6 lac pairs of leather shoes and 9.6 lac pairs of non-leather shoes. The company has commenced commercial production of non-leather shoes in Dec.93.LSL has well established network of retail stores, and markets its products under the well known brand Liberty. LSL serves all major segments of the footwear market, its product range consists of Gliders and Coolers range of footwears under Casual Footwear segment, GeoSport in Sports shoes. The company brand stable also includes Force-10, Senorita and A-ha range of products. The Liberty brand of LSL holds 32% market shares in the leather footware catogery. The company has upgraded its manufacturing facilities to manufacture high-quality speciality sport shoes of international standard. Beside this the company intends to open its premier mega leather goods stores of international standard in the major cities of India. LSL entered into an marketing arrangement with renowned distribution company Delta International Schuhmode, which paves way for LSL to export shoes to Germany.Even though the company was awarded A1+(meaning highest safety) rating for its commercial paper in 1999-2000 by ICRA, the company has not issued any commercial paper in FY2000-2001.In 2000-01 the company has completed the first phase of the SAP implementation project. and the second phase is expected to be completed during the current year. The company haas also implemented a backward integration project for manufacturing EVA co-polymers at Libertypuram in Haryana. EVA being the import substitution product, the company can save foreign exchange.