Link Pharma Chem Ltd Management Discussions.

LINK PHARMA CHEM LIMITED ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012 MANAGEMENT DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS 1) FINANCIAL RESULTS (Rs. in Lacs) FOR THE YEAR FOR THE YEAR ENDED ENDED 31-3-2012 31-3-2011 SALES 1917.16 1442.47 OTHER INCOME 28.19 121.42 PROFIT BEFORE INTEREST, DEPRECIATION AND TAX 203.75 139.10 INTEREST 86.86 68.02 DEPRECIATION 48.34 48.26 PROVISION FOR TAXATION 18.93 (5.41) (DEFERRED & CURRENT TAX) PROFIT AFTER TAXATION 49.62 22.83 2) OPERATING RESULTS: During the year under review, the turnover of your Company has increased to Rs.1917.86 lacs from Rs. 1442.47 lacs of the previous year. Your company has also made profit of Rs. 49.62 lacs as against profit of Rs.22.83 lacs of the previous year. 3) FUTURE OUTLOOK: Your Company has initiated actions to commence manufacturing bulk drug products which shall result in to increase in revenue of the company.