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Management discussion And Analysis

Conservation of Energy, Technology Absorption and Foreign Exchange Earnings and Outgo pursuant to Section 217 (1) (e) of the Companies Act, 1956 and Companies (Disclosure of particulars in the Report of Board of Directors) Rules, 1988.

A. Conservation of Energy

1) Measures taken : a) The hot water washing system after Heat Treatment replaced with washing system working at Room Temperature in the furnace.
b) Inefficient compressor replaced with energy efficient compressors.
c) Changes made in the plating tank to make the zinc deposition process more energy efficient.
d) New shop floor light used are energy efficient LED lights
e) Small Kaizens carried out in each section to conserve energy
f) In some forging machine higher Horse Power motor replaced with smaller motor
2) Additional investment proposals, if any, for reduction of consumption per unit production : 1. The Hot water heating system line re-laid to make it more energy efficient.
2. Energy audit planned to identify possibilities of energy consumption reduction
3. Furnace operating temperatures are being reviewed to lower the same so as to save energy
3) Impact of (1) & (2) : Optimum use of energy
4) Total energy consumption and energy consumption per unit of production. : As given in Form A (enclosed)

B. Technology Absorption

1) Specific areas : Technical Centre established for testing functional requirement of the product. It will help to carry out product validation
2) Benefits : With the implementation of the Technical Centre product endurance test being carried out.
3) Future plan of action : To optimally use the Technical Centre for product validation
4) Expenditure on R&D : The Company has not incurred any expense towards R&D during the Financial Year under review.

Technology Absorption, Adaptation & Innovation

1) Efforts made : The Company keeps itself updated with latest technological innovations by way of constant communication, personal discussions and visits to foreign countries/plants and benchmarking best practices

C. Foreign Exchange Earnings and outgo:

1) Efforts : The company made exports worth Rs. 2438.05 Lacs in the year as compared to Rs. 2604.05 Lacs in the previous year decreased by 6.37% approx.
In past few years we have added new customers in our portfolio across the globe. Most of our customers have shown their keen intent to engage with STL as their preferred supplier and work as a long term strategic partner, resulting in increase in new parts and business with existing customers. This intent is based on the demonstrated ability to supply superior quality critical and complex parts at most competitive prices.
The Company participated in overseas Trade Fairs to display its products and to tap new overseas customers. Responses to company’s products are good resulting in fresh enquiries from various customers.
2) Earnings and Outgo : (1) Foreign Exchange earnings Rs. 243,805,262.00
(2) CIF Value of imports Rs. 32,197,963.00
(3) Expenditure in Foreign Exchange Rs. 15,552,028.00

Form A a) Power and fuel consumption

Current Year Previous Year
1. Electricity
(a) Purchased
Unit (KWH’ 000) 18777 18205
Total amount (Rs in lacs) 1214 927
Rate/unit (Rs) 6.47 5.09
(b) Own generation
I. Through diesel generator
Unit (KWH’000) 7047 8030
Unit per ltr of diesel oil 3.59 3.59
Cost/unit (Rs) 10.84 10.03
II. Through steam turbine/generator Nil Nil
Units per ltr of fuel oil/gas
2. Coal (specify quantity and where used) Nil Nil
Quantity (tonnes)
Total cost
Average rate
3. Furnace Oil Nil Nil
Quantity (K.ltrs)
Total amount
Average rate
4. Other/internal generation Nil Nil
b) Consumption per unit of production
(Per MT of High Tensile Fasteners)
Electricity (in KWH) 858 760
Diesel (in Liter) 90 93
Coal (specify quality) Nil Nil
Others (specify) Nil Nil