Neelamalai Agro Industries Ltd Management Discussions.

The performance of Plantation Segment with regard to industry structure and development, opportunities and threats, segment wise performance, outlook, risks and concerns, internal control systems and its adequacy, discussion on financial performance with respect to operational performance and material developments in Human Resources/Industrial Relations Front, including number of people employed is analyzed in detail below:-


The Company is engaged in Plantation activity and the crop dealt with by the Company is Tea and the main business being Tea cultivation, Tea manufacturing, sales and exports of Tea.

The Company has two estates i.e. Katary & Sutton Estates, located in the Nilgiris District in TamilNadu, spanning an area of 635.56 Hectares.

The factory has facilities to produce Orthodox and CTC teas. Good manufacturing practices and HACCP systems are followed in the Tea factory. Currently the company produces 90% Orthodox and 10% CTC tea.


The sale price has dropped when compared to the previous year for Orthodox Tea.


During the year under review, sales has increased by 23.20%. The company has posted a comprehensive income (net of tax) of Rs.614 lakhs, as against Rs.138 lakhs during the last year. The summary of the performance is given below: -

31.03.2019 31.03.2018
Particulars Rs. Lakhs Rs. Lakhs
Sales 3,659.96 2,970.80
Other Receipts 454.21 422.32
Total Income 4,114.17 3,393.12
Material Cost (910.80) (818.13)
Expenses (2,550.47) (2,104.69)
Interest (3.84) (3.57)
Depreciation (97.60) (106.65)
Profit / (Loss) before Tax 551.46 360.08
Tax Expenses (Current & Deferred Tax) (8.25) (80.39)
Net Profit / (Loss) 543.21 279.69
Re-measurement of the post-employment benefit obligations 19.66 (146.21)
Changes in Fair Value of FVOCI Investments 78.31 (31.75)
Income Tax Expenses / (Credit) (27.26) 35.84
Total comprehensive income 613.92 137.57


a. Opportunities

Market potential is there for Tea which however is constrained by stiff competition from global, national and local players.

b. Threats

Any recession in general economy may affect the plantation industry also. The major threat for plantation industry is the yearly increase in cost of production which is not at all proportionate with the increase in sale realization. Moreover, plantation crops are generally prone to vagaries of nature and erratic monsoon.


The outlook for the industry depends on (a) consistent demand for Plantation Crops throughout the year (b) a higher realization commensurate with the cost of production and (c) the growth of packet tea segment. The Company has been constantly endeavoring on this. Quality upgradation and attainment of cost efficiency are the prime missions of the Company. Plant modernization and field development have been undertaken with the above missions in mind.


With regard to the business risk, the same has been dealt with under Opportunities and Threats stated above. Regarding the general risk, the company follows a minimal risk business strategy as given below:-

Particulars Risk minimising steps
Fixed Assets and Current Assets The company has taken adequate insurance coverage of its fixed assets and current assets which will minimize the impact of another event or development
Financial Risk Foreign Exchange Risk The company has a conservative debt policy. The debt component is very marginal Whenever there is an export, the Foreign Exchange is covered at the time of confirmation of order so as to negate any fluctuation in the exchange ratio
Credit risk on exports The credit is insured through Export Credit and Guarantee Corporation Limited (ECGC)


The Company has appropriate and adequate internal controls and also has appointed a leading firm of Chartered Accountants as Internal Auditors to cover Internal Audit of the Company. The Internal Audit coverage is adequate to ensure that the assets of the company are safeguarded and protected and there is regular review by Management on policies, internal controls and procedures and also internal audit reports.


During the year under review, total revenue of the Company was Rs.4114 Lakhs as against Rs. 3393 Lakhs during the previous year. Tea production including Bought Leaf during the year was 25.33 Lakhs kgs as against 23.11 Lakhs kgs. During the previous year. Other receipts have recorded an income of Rs.454 Lakhs during the year.


The company has upgraded all its information systems resources and review of the same is done on a periodic basis.


The company attaches significant importance to continuous up gradation of Human Resources for improving the productivity of employees at all levels leading to improvement in quality of the produce, which will ensure a better customer satisfaction and a higher growth. As a part of HR strategy, training programmes are organised for employees at all levels. As on 31st March 2019, the company has an employee strength of 1153 nos.


The analysis given above may contain certain statements which are futuristic in nature. Such statements represents the intention of the Management and the efforts put in by them to realise certain goals. The success in realising these goals depends on various factors, both internal and external. Therefore, the investors are requested to make their own independent judgements by taking into account all relevant factors before taking any investment decision.