Nitin Castings Ltd Management Discussions.

Forming part of Directors Report for the year ended 31st March. 2018

Industry Structure and Development

India is the worlds third-largest casting producer after China and the U.S. While China accounts for 40% of the worlds 105 million tonnes casting production, the U.S. and India each do between 11 and 12 million tonnes per year. With manufacturing gradually picking up and several emerging sectors opening up new opportunities, the more than $18 billion Indian foundry or casting industry is looking to double growth rates. Steel Castings Industry is considered to be the backbone of engineering industry serving Automotive, Agriculture, Mining and Earthmoving Equipment Industry and almost all downstream engineering industry. The FY 2017-18 was challenging with lower growth in industrial production mainly due to continuing high rate of inflation and depreciation of the rupee. These factors had an adverse impact on the economy resulting in lower GDP growth rate. A couple of years ago, the industry was passing through a tough time with many units shutting down due to lack of business. But now, there is optimism. Rising input costs, slow pace of industrial production, infrastructure development and the impact of global slowdown constrained the performance of the industry. In spite of such deficiencies, your company has done well business & earned good profit during the year.

Opportunities & threats

In the future there are more opportunities and people have understood that they would focus on technology as new opportunities are going to provide growth. Though the industry is hit by demonetisation and the effect of GST is yet to come, still, there is a sense of positivity. With the opportunities, there are possibility of doubling the growth targets.

The global economy is reviving from slowdown and would offer better business opportunities in near future. Further, stable government placed in India would indicate positive growth signal for an Indian Industry though in near term some short term challenges. Likely increase in the Government spending towards various infrastructure sectors would create a rise in the demand in several sectors of the economy, of which the company would be a beneficiary. Planning Commission, Government of India, has also emphasized on infrastructure development to achieve GDP growth and this would open new opportunities for the business. The company has incurred major capital expenditure during previous financial years and enhanced new business in investment castings. This would cater demand raised in future.

The higher inflation rate resulting in higher interest rate and hike in commodity prices may adversely affect your Companys financial performance. The Company does not foresee any other threat, as Company is working with modern technology and continues on development of quality products as per the need of market to adverse the risk of slow down.


Indias growth story was, till recently, quite attractive in comparison with many other developed and developing economies. However, the nations adverse fiscal deficit and negative current account balance call for some bold rectification measures from the Government. The Government would be focusing on consolidation of the economic recovery through expeditious clearance of existing projects, selective disinvestment and accelerated foreign direct investment through policy reforms. Also, Governments emphasis on infrastructure projects would raise demand from Construction & Mining Equipment Industry in the domestic market. Reforms in global economy indicate positive signal for overseas market. Overall, the market seems to be going on the sluggish pace for the next few months and would have positive note thereafter.

Risk and Concerns

The factors like slowdown in the infrastructure investment can lead to lower order intake. The other factor like power shortages and its cost; increase in labour cost and transportation cost due to petrol/diesel price increase etc. could contribute to inflation. The Company considers good corporate governance as a prerequisite for meeting the needs and aspiration of its shareholders. The main risk to the Company which may arise is mainly due to Government policies and decisions, Fluctuations in prices of Raw materials, Exchange rate fluctuations, Industry demand etc.

Segment or Product wise Performance

The Company is operating in one segment known as Alloys Steel Castings in the range of static and centrifugal. The product wise comparison is not possible as every product is specific as per order and to the size, shape and alloy mix. Therefore, performance of the Company has to be seen in overall manner and the Company has done reasonably well in the present scenario.

Internal control System and their Adequacy

The Company has developed adequate internal control system commensurate to its size and business. The Company has appointed Internal Auditors, an outside independent agency to conduct the internal audit to ensure adequacy of internal control system, compliance of rules and regulations of the country and adherence to the management policies.

Financial Performance with respect to Operational Performance

During the year under review, your Company has registered revenue of Rs. 6,024.45 Lakhs as against Rs. 6,932.21 Lakhs in the previous year. The Profit before taxes in the current year is Rs. 88.90 Lakhs as against Rs. 173.16 Lakhs in the previous year and profit after taxes are Rs. 84.26 Lakhs as against Rs. 117.67 Lakhs in the previous year.


The main goal of the company to set and achieve highest standard in performance and quality. The goal is to align all sections of the organization internally to generate even better customer value propositions and returns for share holders. The goal is also to set and maintain high safety and environment norms for the company.

Human Resources

Human resources are integral and important part for the Company. It has put in place sound policies for the growth and progress of its employees. During the year, Company maintained harmonious and cordial industrial relations. No man days were lost due to strike, lock out etc.

Disclosure by the Senior Management Personnel i.e. one level below the Board including all HODs

None of the Senior Management Personnel has financial and commercial transaction with the Company, where they have personal interest that would have a potential conflict with the interest of the Company at large.

Cautionary statement

The statements in this management discussion and analysis describing the outlook may be "forward looking statement" within the meaning of applicable laws and regulations. Actual result might differ substantially or materially from those expected due to the developments that could affect the companys operations. The factors like significant change in political and economic environment, tax laws, litigation, technology, fluctuations in material cost etc. may deviate the outlook and result.