OTCO International Ltd Management Discussions.


This reports presents the summary of financial performance of the company and the companys vision and strategy to help in understanding the operational and financial results in better lights.

Earlier, the Company was in the business as a Credit Information Company as defined in the Credit Information Companies (Regulation) Act, 2005. The Company was providing credit referencing services in the name and style of MICRON i.e MICRO FINANCE CREDIT REFERENCING AND OBVIATING NET WORK and was offering services to its members in the field of credit referencing and credit scoring. The Company had developed software for credit referencing at huge cost which it hoped to recover over the future years. Unfortunately, as the company requires a licence for carrying on this job and its application to RBI for this purpose was not approved the company had to abandon this project and the huge losses were continuing in the books of account. The company was dormant for a few years as the erstwhile promoters were not pursuing any business until the management changed hands to the new promoter at the end of the year 2015.

The new promoters after taking over, as a first step had arranged for compliance of all statutory requirements and ensured that the company became a fully compliant company before all authorities and stock exchange/SEBI. The company was scouting for potential projects and to start with inducted consultancy business in the field of IT/fiance/marketing to a few its clients by outsourcing the services required by it from outside.

The Company also entered into the real estate field during the year 2017-18 and could strike a few deals resulting in substantial profits which could help the company to reduce its huge accumulated losses. The company has got good order position for sale of more than 50 acres of land and a small land bank of its own and if the company could achieve deals for selling the same, the company hopes to bring substantial profits further to the company.

The company proposed to enter into leather trading business and started initiatives in this regard but had to abandon the same with a marginal loss due to problems from the sourcing side.

The company continues to look for projects which are potential and implementable with its resources and, if found, would undertake the same to create a sustaining platform for the company for its future growth.


The company has to face stiff competition for its consultancy and real estate business.

Risk and Concerns

The management team of the company regularly identifies, reviews and assesses risks involved in its various business activities and work out guidelines for mitigating the same.

Human Resources

The success of the company largely depends on its management team and therefore ensures all that need to be done to keep the morale high for achieving targets and ultimately success

Cautionary Statement

The management discussion and analysis contain forward looking statements that reflects the companys current views with respect to future events and financial performance. Actual results could differ materially from those expressed or implied.