Palred Technologies Company Summary

Palred Technologies Limited was formerly incorporated as Four Soft Limited in 1999. The Company is engaged in the business of E-commerce. It offers software solutions to the transportation and logistics sector. It offers solutions in the areas of freight forwarding industry, 3PL logistics (3PLs), customs brokerage, contract and warehousing logistics, and liners. The software products offered by the Company include 4S eTrans, 4S eLog, 4S iLogistics, 4S Visilogplus, 4S iShipping, 4S visilog and 4S eCustoms. Its products in freight forwarding industry include 4S eTrans, 4S Visilog iLogistics, Shipper Logistics and 4S eTrans SME. It also also offers information technology (IT)-services, including consulting, software development, system integration and implementation in the domain of logistics related IT.During year 2013-14, Company sold the software solutions business to Transport I.T. Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a Kewill Group Company, for a lumpsum consideration of USD 43.4 Million. The merger of M/s Palred Media and Entertainment private Ltd and M/s Palpremuim Online Media Private Limited with the Company was made effective from November 30, 2013. The Company acquired in January 2014,, which provides internet services and software services/solutions to business to business e-commerce and website development for the purpose of business operations in online e-commerce.