Premier Explosives Ltd Company Summary

Premier Explosives Limited was incorporated in 1980 and started off with manufacturing slurry explosives and later added complete range of products which now includes bulk explosives, packaged explosives, detonators, bulk explosives, detonating cords and other blasting accessories. The Company is engaged in the manufacture of high energy materials and allied products for the defence, space, mining and infrastructure industries. The company has been developing and manufacturing solid propellants for rockets like Pinaka, tactical missiles like Astra, Akash, LRSAM / MRSAM / QRSAM, Brahmos, etc., strategic missiles like Agni and also for strap-onmotors of satellite launchers. The extended capabilities of the company include products such as chaff, IR flares, explosive bolts, pyro devices, smoke markers, cable cutters, tear gas grenades and many other products including pyrogen igniters for defence and space applications. The company is the pioneer in indigenising the technology for manufacture of explosives and accessories.Promoted by A N Gupta and S V Kannan, both of whom have more than 20 years of experience in the industry, the Company started commercial production in Sep.93.Premier Explosives also manufactures site-mixed slurry (SMS), bulk explosives and detonators with an installed capacity of 11,000 tpa and 32 mln pa respectively. The plants for PETN and detonating fuses went on stream in 1994-95. The company, which started out as an ancillary unit to Singareni Collieries, now also supplies to Coal India and Neyveli Lignite. The company had set up plants for bulk explosives in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. It has also diversifed into the production of white button mushrooms, which have export potential. It is availing of tax advantage by setting up a 100% EOU in Medak, Andhra Pradesh (inst. cap. : 3000 tpa). It acquired land and entered into an agreement with Tray Master, UK, for technical know-how and critical equipment. A marketing agreement has been entered into with Metro Trade, US, to market 70% of its production. The other 30% will be marketed directly. The Company has started a division at Singrauli for manufacture of SMS explosives. The Company has also entered into the area of Rock Blasting & Drilling contracts.In 2003, the Company emerged as a reliable provider of Solid Propellants for various missile projects, by venturing into defence products with manufacture of a small igniter. The Special Products Division of the Company commenced commercial production effective on February 01, 2005. The production of Solid Propellants was commissioned in September, 2006. Commercial production for manufacturing G.I.Wire, was commissioned in Feb 09. An additional Bulk Explosive production plant was commissioned at Neyveli from October 2009. It commissioned Solid Fuel Complex (SFC), Jagdalpur operations from Nov 09 and commissioned 800 kW Wind Mill in Pushpathur Village in Tamil Nadu in Sep 09. The Katepally Greenfield Project operations got commissioned during 2020-21.