Prolife Industries Ltd Management Discussions.


Our Company was incorporated as Mamta Dyes and Intermediaries Private Limited under the provision of the Companies Act, 1956 vide certificate of incorporation dated July 27, 1994 issued by the Assistant Registrar of Companies, Gujarat, Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Consequent upon the conversion of our Company to public limited company, the name of our Company was changed to Mamta Dyes and Intermediaries Limited and fresh certificate of incorporation dated February 20, 1997 was issued by the Registrar of Companies, Gujarat, Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Subsequently, the name of our Company was changed to R R J-Dyes and Intermediates Limited vide fresh certificate of incorporation dated February 20, 1997 was issued by the Registrar of Companies, Gujarat, Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Later on the name of the company was changed to Prolife Industries Limited and fresh certificate of Incorporation dated March 7, 2013 pursuant to change of name was issued by Registrar of Companies, Gujarat, Dadra and Nagar Haveli.

Our company is engaged in the business of manufacturing special and exclusive range of intermediates for dyes, pigments, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and others. The company originally founded in the year 1994 in the name of Mamta Dyes & Intermediates Private Ltd and has been in this Industry from the very inception. Company has established even its own Research & Development Department within few years of incorporation of the company. It has already succeeded in developing very high quality Specialty Chemicals as result of thorough knowledge and R & D efforts of the Chairman and Managing Director of the company who has sound knowledge as well as vast experience of two decades in the chemical industry. The company has established its presence in domestic as well export market and are regularly catering to the needs of their customers in many countries including U.S.A, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, France, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, Brazil etc.


During the year under review, the profit after tax for the year ended 31st March, 2019 is Rs. 20,356,516.57 against Rs. 15,049,353.20in the previous year showing growth of 35.27%.


Financial Year 2018-19

Financial Year2017-18

(Amount in Rs.)

(Amount in Rs.)

Revenue from Operations 296,693,729.36 273,128,511.94
Profit Before Tax 28,241,400.57 20,915,637.20
Profit After Tax 20,356,516.57 15,049,353.20


The Company has formulated the sound business plan for the long term growth to enhance itspresence in the domestic as well as global market. As per the said growth plan, the Company has decided to increase its manufacturing and production base by adding additional manufacturing capacities. The Company has decided to construct the additional building, plant and machinery and other allied facilities for the enhancement of the production facilities. This will add value to the stakeholders of the company in the longer period. .


The Company‘s future results of operations could be affected potentially by the following factors:

Political Stability of the Country. World Economy.

Government policies for the capital markets.

Investment Flow in the country from the other countries.Government policy for textile sector. Competition from existing players:

Company‘s ability to successfully implement our growth strategy

The loss of shutdown of operations of our Company at any time due to strike or labourunrest or any other reasons, Loss due to delay in execution of projects in time

OUR COMPETITIVE STRENGTH i.Experienced management team and motivated employee

We have a highly experienced and qualified management team. Our MD is professionally qualified person having sound knowledge and vast experience of more than two decades in chemical industry. Our Management is backed by motivated staff that is instrumental in our business growth ii.Well-equipped Research and Development facility

We have well equipped research and Development facility to improve quality of the products and to produce high performance chemicals. Company has in house sound R&D Department backed by technical expertise of our Managing Director Mr. Maninder Singh Jolly, which helps the company to enhance our product range.

iii.Established vast Domestic as well as Export market

The company is catering the customers both in domestic market as well as overseas market. The company is catering the needs of customers with its high quality customized products as per the specific requirements of buyers located in U.S.A, Spain, U.K., Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil etc. The company is selling its product to internationally renowned companies.

iv.Continuous Innovation of Products and diverse products

The management is of the opinion that in order to be successful and competitive in the market, the company needs to be innovative. We offer special and exclusive range of intermediates for dyes, pigments, pharmaceuticals agrochemicals and others. Such diverse product mix helps us to cater the diverse customer segments and to various sectors of Industry. The product mix helps us to sustain the growth level. Over the years we have developed various products which is used by Pharmaceutical Industry, Chemical industry, Packaging / FMCG Industry, agro-chemical industry.v.Modern Infrastructure and Integrated Facilities

The unit is located in Panoli Industrial Estate, Tal. Ankleshwar, Dist Bharuch. The Industrial estate is developed by GIDC and enjoys good infrastructure like electricity, water, roads, labour, raw material suppliers and market for finished products which has a vital demand in the market & with this scenario we are concentrating on expanding the production capacity and new product range.

OUR BUSINESS STRATEGYi.Enhanced product range through emphasis on R&D

We intend to strengthen our Research and Development department to enhance the product range and improve the quality of the products and achieve the cost reduction by utilizing the improved method of production. In keeping with this philosophy, we will focus on increasing our customer base of our products, give them a platform of choice to transact and support them with quality research as well as on capturing the significant growth opportunities across the spectrum.

ii. Broad basing our Overseas reach

The company is engaged in manufacture and development of various kinds of Dyes & Intermediates. The main end product of the company is Naphthalene based Dyes & Intermediates which are being sold to well known multinational trading houses in various countries like U.S.A, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, France, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Pakistan etc. The company is manufacturing one exclusive product namely Violet Acid which is in demand all over the world. The Company is planning to expand their business area which turns into higher demand and sales of products manufactured by the company in various countries of the world.

iii.Maintain and expand long-term relationships with clients

Our Company believes that business is a by-product of relationship. The business model is based on client relationships that are established over period of time rather than a project-based execution approach. Our Company believes that a long-term client relationship with large clients fetches better dividends. Long-term relations are built on trust and continuous maintaining of the requirements of the customers. It forms basis of further expansion for our Company, as we are able to monitor a potential product/ market closely.

iv.Optimal Utilization of Resources

Our Company constantly endeavors to improve our production process, skill up-gradation of workers, modernization of machineries to optimize the utilization of resources. We regularly analyze our existing material procurement policy and manufacturing process to identify the areas of bottlenecks and correct the same. This helps us in improving efficiency and putting resources to optimal use.


The Companys policy is to actively manage its foreign exchange risk within the framework of Forex policy. An interest rate fluctuation, the Company has adopted a prudent and conservative risk mitigation strategy to minimize interest costs.

ii.Price Risks

Adverse Fluctuations in the price and availability of raw material could increase input costs which may affect the operation of the company and thereby affect the profitability of the Company .The Company proactively manages these risks through forward booking, inventory management and proactive vendor development practices. The Companys reputation for quality, product differentiation and service, coupled with existence of powerful brand image with robust marketing network mitigates the impact of price risk.iii.Regulatory Risks

The Company is exposed to risks attached to various statutes and regulations. The Company is mitigating these risks through regular review of legal compliances carried out through internal as well as external compliance audits.


The Company has in place adequate internal control systems commensurate with the size of its operations. Internal control systems are designed to ensure sound management of your companys operation, safekeeping of its assets, optimal utilization of resources, reliability of its financial information and compliance. It clearly defines roles and responsibilities have been institutionalized. Systems and procedures are periodically reviewed to keep pace with the growing size and complexity of your Companys operations


The Company firmly believes that Human resource is an asset to any industry, sourcing and managing. The Company believes that employees are the key to the success of our business. The Company focuses on hiring and retaining employees and workers who have prior experience in the chemical Industry. The Management views this process as a necessary tool to maximize the performance of our employees. The Company has not experienced any strikes, work stoppages, labour disputes or actions by or with our employees, and The Company have cordial relationship with our employees.


Statements in this management discussion and analysis describing the companys objectives, projections, estimates and expectations may be ‘forward looking statements based on the plan and assumptions of the management. Actual results might differ substantially or materially from those expressed or implied. The Company assumes no responsibility to publicly amend, modify or revise any such statements on the basis of subsequent development, information or event.

By order of the Board of Directors
Place: Ankleshwar
Dated: 02.09.2019
(Manindersingh Jolly)
Chairman & Managing Director
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