Rajdarshan Industries Ltd Management Discussions.

Business Overview and Outlook:

The primary business of your Company was operating machineries in mining of raw materials at various cement units in Rajasthan through contract execution. But after August, 2019, the contract with cement plant owners was not renewed and right now no major business activity is being carried on.

Management is exploring options of the available business opportunities and also planning to diversify into new line of business subject to approval of the stakeholders.

Government of India is also announcing a series of monetary and fiscal relief packages to infuse liquidity into the system and provide relief to all business whether big or small. We are hopeful that the measures will be beneficial for the company and we will move forward towards successful path.

Discussion on Financial Performance

This aspect is dealt with in detail in the Directors Report.

Opportunities, Risks, Concerns and Threats

In view of the limited operations of the Company, opportunities and threats cannot be quantified and enlisted in details. Risk and concerns, if any, also cannot be predicted with certainty. However, whatever business opportunity or path, the Company selects, the results will be visible after a reasonable period of time and will also depend on government policies, supportive measures and overall industrial sentiment.

Internal Control Systems

The Company has an adequate system of internal controls implemented by the management towards achieving efficiency in operations, optimum utilization of resources and effective monitoring thereof and compliance with applicable laws.

Human Resources

There have not been any material / major development in human resources front and relations have been cordial. The company is a close-knit organised team and is being managed by its Directors and few employees who look after the day to day functioning of the Company.