Ramasigns Industries Ltd Management Discussions.

This Management Discussion and Analysis report provides analysis of the working performance of the Companys business as well as discussion on the business of the Company, outlook, risk and opportunities. Statements in this Management Discussion & Analysis Report describing the Companys objectives, projections, estimates and expectation may be "Future Planning Statements" within the meaning of applicable laws and Rules and regulations and actual results may differ.

Industry overview

Primary Operation of Your Company is in printing consumables. The Industry is largely on demand based industry basically it depend on as well as event or regional function also and large number of small players working in the Indian market. Presently many domestic manufacturers are entering in this field of these consumable materials such as flex vinyl etc.

Review of financial and operating performance

During the financial year ending March 2019, the Company revenues stood at Rs.120.80 crores and profit after tax Rs. 1.84 crores.

1. Paid up share capital: The Company has a paid-up capital of Rs 13.075 crores as on 31st March 2019 consisting of 1,30,75,000 equity shares of Rs. 10 each.

2. Reserves and Surplus

Companys Reserves and Surplus stood at positive Rs. 2.04 crores, as compare to last year Reserves and Surplus positive (Rs. 0.19 crores). However the overall net worth of the Company is Rs. 15.60 crore.

3. Secured and unsecured Loan: The Company has accepted secured commercial vehicle loans from ICICI Bank as on March 31, 2019 and unsecured Loan from various financial institution and banks .

4. Turnover:The Company had been able to mundane the revenue from the business, and its revenue was at Rs. 120.80 crores.

5. Profits /Loss: Companys profits also increased corresponding to the increase in turnover and the profit after tax stood at Rs. 1.84 crores.


The Company is trading in the printing consumables segment i.e. flex, banners and hoardings, vinyl, sun board and such other printing and advertising material. The sector is base on demand based unorganized sector its depend of local events like Durga puoja, Ganapati festival and many regional festivals therefore the continues demand of our product in the Indian marke.

Opportunities and risks


1. The Company product is advertising as well as informative product and in different part of India many local/ regional festivals and Companies use our product for information propose so the demand of our product is going to increased day by day.

2. The industry is an unorganized and on demand market based industry so supply your product continuously It gives an opportunity to the Company to establish itself as a large organized player in this market.


The Companys dependency on the imported or indigenously manufactured products suppliers the continuously supply of the product and Government policies makes it helpless to provide better services to the end consumer.

Outlook: The Company aims to increase its market share, and to reach and provide better product to rural area as well as urban areas to increase turnover.

Internal Controls and its adequacy: The Company has been reviewing its internal control systems and processes continuously and company have a separate department of internal control for continuously surveillance.