Remedium Lifecare Ltd Management Discussions.


Work hard in silence, let the quality of your work make the noise". Abided by the norms of extending uncompromised quality products, We at Remedium are trying our best to raise the standards of the industry. Do more, feel better, live longer. Together we can make life better. Todays medicines finance tomorrows miracles. Breakthrough medicines for everyday living. We shall strive to operate globally and provide our selfless services to the humankind. Thorough Investment in R & D, devotion of our resources to enlighten the pharma sector in India shall be our forefront in the coming years.


The Company is engaged into the business of trading in API Intermediates (KSMs & CRMs) and various other raw materials used in API trading viz. Amino isophthalicAcid,Tellurium(IV) Oxide, Grignard Reagent, Iodine, Selenium Metal Powder, Trimethyl Sulfoxonium lodide(TMSI). We, at Remedium believe, "Quality is an ongoing process of building and sustaining relationships". Our strong commitment of providing quality products is boasted by in-depth industry knowledge, well-qualified team of professionals, as well as hi-tech and advanced infrastructure. Resultantly, creating mutually beneficial associations for all the parties involved. Adhering to high quality standards is not an accident but our habit. Passionate to be the best, we take pride in what we do and strive to deliver products with 0% defects. We at Remedium offer one of the broadest portfolios of intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) - the ingredients responsible for the therapeutic effects of different medicines. Remedium is adherent to high quality product development process. This is achieved through constant modernization and meeting international standards. Currently we have 57 Territories covered, 250 satisfied employees, 10 years of experience, 25 APIs and intermediaries.


Due to the advent of COVID-19, which put a stop to a revival after the settling US-China relations and other geopolitical concerns, the global economy has suffered a massive blow. The mystery surrounding the nature and propagation of the virus continues to develop as scientists work hard to decode its biology and find a cure. The worldwide economic growth was already stunted before lockdowns were initiated in the major countries. Other obscure factors include supply disruptions, tightening of financial markets, haphazard patterns of spending, volatile commodity prices and resulting changes in public behaviour. The chances of having a bad outcome predominate. The only hope is that the pandemic will fade, and the subsequent efforts to get back on track will bear fruit.


During the year under review, the operating revenue including other total income of the Company is Rs. 9003.59 lakhs as compared to Rs. 289.02 lakhs in the previous financial year, higher by Rs. 8714.57 Lakhs. The Profit for the same period stands at Rs. 48.05 Lakhs as compared to the Profit of Rs. 27.70 lakhs in the previous financial year, higher by 20.35 lakhs.


• To be a well-recognised pharmaceutical MNC in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry.

• To contribute substantially towards well-being and health of the society.

• Balance profitability and investments for future

• Increasing contribution of specialty and complex products

• Future investments directed towards differentiated products as well as enhancing presence in key markets

• Aim for sustainable and profitable growth

• Focus on improving ROCE

• Increase share of specialty business


Our primary concern is the quality of the products; however, we believe we have a responsibility towards the society as well which is beyond our business commitments, and therefore we work towards being a socially responsible organisation.

1. Developer & Evangelist

We provide competitive rates for APIs for reputed customers which are approved vendors in multinationals and big Indian Corporates.

2. Quality

One can heavily bank upon us for providing quality products being used in pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Adhering to high quality standards is not an accident but has become our habit over the years.

3. Business Ethics

The Code of Conduct provides a strong framework for the business ethics in India. It translates our corporate values - Integrity, Customer focus, Innovation, Passion and Adaptability - into consistent actions by addressing and resolving ethical dilemmas and compliance issues arising in our daily work. As a healthcare company with high ethical standards, we take responsibility for our actions. Our Code of Conduct assists us in living up to this responsibility.


1. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic across the world and subsequent disruption in economic activities is likely to impact GDP across countries and may indirectly also impact our company.

2. Governments across the world try to control their healthcare budgets, which may lead to government-mandated price controls on pharmaceutical products

3. The specialty initiative entails high upfront investments for long-term benefits, thus impacting short-term profitability.


1. Favorable macroeconomic parameters for India and emerging markets are likely to ensure reasonable volume growth for pharmaceutical products in these markets.

2. Contribution of specialty products is expected to increase in developed markets over medium to long-term.


The Company is engaged into the business of trading in API Intermediates (KSMs & CRMs) and various other raw materials used in API trading viz. Amino isophthalic Acid, Tellurium(IV) Oxide, Grignard Reagent, Iodine, Selenium Metal Powder, Trimethyl Sulfoxonium lodide(TMSI).

During the Financial Year 2020-2021, the Revenue from Operation is Rs.9003.59 Lakhs.


The Company is continuously working on strengthening the business. The Company has been making consistent efforts for improving margins products by products by reducing various costs. The results of these initiatives are expected to improve profitability of the Company further during the coming years.


The Company has managed to sail through these difficult times keeping its efficiencies. The Company has taken a lot of measures, in consultation with various government bodies, including but not limited to allowing work from home to office staff, maintaining proper social distancing, educating and encouraging self hygiene, use of masks etc., arranging for private transport facilities for staff, regular check-ups, using proper PPE. periodic fumigations for disinfecting premises etc, driving a vaccination for the entire staff.


Statement in the Management Discussion and Analysis describing the Companys objectives, projections, expectations and estimates regarding future performance may be "forward looking statements" and are based on the currently available information. The management believes these to be true to the best of its knowledge at the time of preparation of this report. However, these statements are subject to certain future events and uncertainties, which could cause actual results to differ materially from those, which may be indicated in such statements.