S.A.L Steel Ltd Company Summary

S.A.L. Steel Limited, incorporated in 2003, is engaged in manufacturing Sponge Iron, Ferro Alloys, Manganese Steel (MS) & Stainless Steel (SS) Angel and Power. Because of the Captive power generation, company has advantage of low power cost per unit of manufacturing. Company is generating 40 MW Power from waste Heat recovery Boiler & Fluidized Bed Combustion boiler with economic price. Power generated is used for captive consumption and surplus power is sold resulting profit.The Company operates two kilns with an installed capacity of 1,80,000 tonnes per annum to produce sponge iron. The waste gas from sponge making kilns has significant energy in the form of heat. This energy is recovered in waste heat recovery boilers to generate steam, which then passes through the generator for producing power. Apart from this, Company has two power plants, both coal based with a combined capacity of 40 MW power including power from waste heat recovery system. Iron ore and coal are two important raw materials in production of sponge iron. A part of coal was sourced from domestic open market and balance from overseas markets.Company has two waster heat recovery boilers of 53.2 TPH and 10.3 TPH. Surplus power is sold by way of wheeling to Shah Alloys Ltd. being Promoter of SAL Steel. Iron ore and coal are two important raw materials in production of sponge iron. Iron ore and pellets are procured indigenously and sometime imported. Coal was sourced mostly from overseas markets. Ferro chrome is a value - added intermediate product which imparts the non-corrosive property to stainless steel and special alloy steel.Dating back to the history, the Company incorporated as backward integration project for Shah Alloys Limited (SAL). The finished product of Company becames Raw material for SAL. However, due to financial crisis, SAL was not functioning on its optimum capacity and as such, Company was not getting sufficient orders to optimize its production capacity, which adversely affected production of the Company. SAL Steel is a versatile steel, Ferro Alloys and Power Company having operations near Kandla Port in Gujarat in Western India. The Company has double advantage of having proximity one of the busiest commercial port and also to the customer of finished products. It became successful in securing long term tie-up for various raw materials by renowned suppliers. This led up to achieve consistent high standard of quality in its finished products.