Sanjivani Paranteral Ltd Management Discussions.


Indian pharma industry is poised to expansion and growth. High economic growth, faster urbanization resulting in lifestyle diseases, better healthcare facilities & healthcare insurance plans, increased government expenditures on healthcare are some of the growth drivers of Indian pharma industry.

Analysis of India Pharma Industry


• Increasing awareness about health insurance

• Growth of Tier II & Tier III cities

• Increased expenditures by Government


• Stiff competitions from developing economics

• Fake counterparts

Over the past few years Sanjivani has steadily increasing its presence globally. In the years to come, Sanjivani intends to maintain its growth momentum through strengthening its existing products portfolio and new products launches.


Company has implemented an integrated risk management approach through which it reviews and assesses significant risk on a regular basis to help ensure that there is a robust system of risk controls and mitigation in place.


The Companys internal control system is designed and framed to ensure day to day effective and efficient operations and compliance of laws and regulations. An alert internal audit group monitors the systems and processes. The prime objective of this audit is to test the adequacy and effectiveness of all internal control systems and suggest improvements. Significant issues are brought to the attention of the audit committee for periodical review.


In any organization communication with employee is a key determinant factor of success, your company believes that employees are the most valued assets for success and growth of the Company. Your Company had implemented internet network for communication between management and employees for enhanced accessibility and transparency. Company has also initiated many morale building programs to strengthen their selfbelief which further benefits the Company.