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Presently, the company is mainly into reality development. Due to slowdown in the market condition and price rise it was very difficult for the company to go in a big way in the new business arena.

There are several factors which may affect our results of operations, financial condition and cash flows. These factors may include:

• Economic conditions, business cycles

• Ability to control cost and attain high productivity

• Pricing Pressure due to competition / competitive bidding.

• Ability to hire, train and retain people

• Our relationship with clients - companies, banks, institutions, individuals, etc.

• Capital expansion and capital expenditure We have briefly elaborated the above factors below:

Economic Conditions, Business Cycles:

The business of any company apart from internal factors will also depend on the macro economic conditions. The demand conditions in the market in the areas in which we operate are affected by various factors outside our control, including prevailing local economic, income and demographic conditions, interest rates available to purchasers requiring financing, the availability of comparable properties completed or under development, changes in governmental policies. As a consequence, our results of operations are significantly affected by factors influencing the Indian economy in general. Any slowdown or perceived slowdown in the Indian economy, government spending in specific sectors of the Indian economy, could adversely impact our business and financial performance. For example, our management believes that other infrastructure projects contribute substantial part of our client list and any events affecting these sectors will have direct impact on demand for our products. If growth is sustained in these sectors, our management believes that such growth may bring in additional demand for our business module.

The Company considering the slow down in the reality sector and considering the experiences of the promoters started trading business of Petroleum product. The turn over is mainly from the trading activities of the petroleum products. The company also started venturing into the waste management activities of medical bi-products.

Ability To Control Cost And Attain High Productivity:

The prices of our services are determined principally by market forces of supply and demand. The market conditions and demand for our services at time of signing the contract will determine the price of our services. Diesel and man power (Skilled and unskilled) form major portion of our cost our ability to executing the contracts at timely basis, maintaining the cost competitiveness will determine the profitability of our Company.

Pricing Pressure Due To Competition/Competitive Bidding

The prices of our services, real estate are determined principally by market forces of supply and demand. We feel that over a period of time there might be increase in competition and it might affect the profitability of our Company. Our Company has been concentrating on receiving the orders from the Government Registered Companies. These Companies generally follow the system of tenders, wherein the contracts will be granted to lowest bidder. This may affect the profit margins of our Company in percentage terms.

Capital Expansion And Capital Expenditures

Capital Expansion involves huge capital expenditure and determines future earnings of our company. The timing of our expansion program, projects we have taken up, general economic conditions-all these factors will determine future growth of our Company.

Our Relationship With Clients-Companies, Banks, Financial Institutions, Individuals Etc.

The operations and revenues of our company for any period will depend on orders in hand. Our ability to get new and also repeated orders will determine the growth of our company. As in any business our ability to maintain good relations with market intermediaries like banks and financial institutions will determine our growth.

Ability to hire, train and retain people

Human Resources is important asset of any business. Skilled and technical staff is required by us for our project. We take up various projects based on availability of right mix of man power. Thus our growth is likely to be affected by our ability to attract and retain skill and technical manpower. Our Ability to hire, train and retain people will determine the ability of our company to achieve desired objectives.

These factors and a number of future developments may have impact on our results of operations, financial condition and cash flow in future periods.

Industry Structure and Development:

The Indian economy has been growing at a blistering pace in the last few years. The Real Estate Industry is ranked as one of the fastest growing sectors. This sector has been growing at an exponential rate -a growth made possible due to favorable demographics, vibrant services sectors, rising purchasing power, changes in shopping habits, growing number of retail malls, availability of finance and reforms initiated by the Government viz., relaxation of FDI norms and tax concessional facilities. This has stimulated the demand for houses, modern offices, warehouses, hotels and shopping centres.

Risk, Internal Control System and Adequacy:

The Company has adequate internal control procedure commensurate with its size and nature of the business. The internal control system is supplemented by extensive internal audits, regular reviews by management and well-documented policies and guidelines to ensure reliability of financial and all other records to prepare financial statements. The Company continuously upgrades these systems in line with best accounting practices.

Outlook, Opportunities and Threats:

The Indian economy is getting bigger and better. Going with the estimates that Asias third largest economy will become the worlds third largest by 2050; a need for more robust and vast infrastructure is inevitable. Indian real estate sector faces several threats, risks and concerns. The rising interest rates and scanty land availability in India, and the subsequent global turmoil are creating pressure on the Indian real estate sector.

Place: Mumbai By Order of Board
Date : 30th May, 2019 For Sanmit Infra Limited
Sanjay Makhija
(Managing Director)
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