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The packaging industry enjoys continuous growth in demand year after year, necessitating large investments for technology up-gradation and automation of manual operations. However fragmented nature of the industry, consequent unhealthy competition put pressures on margins, increasing payback periods for investments. As demand from the larger customers is consistently increasing, it is expected the organized segment will secure larger market share and better margins.


The present scenario of the printing industry is fragmented and is dominated by a few big players. The printing and packaging industry has lately improved after receiving initial shock of financial crisis in the year 2008-09. There is strong belief that this business improvement will sustain in the future too. The printing and packaging industry is a service provider and it is co-related with the GDP growth of the country as well as the growth of countrys educational sector. Since the GDP growth of the country is pegged at 7.8%, it provides a lot of encouragement for growth of printing and packaging industry. In the present business scenario and with robust GDP growth, the Company is expecting 10% to 15% growth in its business, at least, for next three years. Besides, Indias printing and packaging industry has upgraded to international standard in the last five years and thus provides a lot of export business opportunities for the sector. India is gradually establishing itself as a business sourcing hub for developed countries in printing and packaging materials. Initially, it was China and now India is competing with that country in this sector.

Today, the printing and packaging industry export grow this significant compared to last five years. The potential of growth for the industry lies in development of the economy, rising literacy rates, consumerism and standard of living. All these factors are in a positive move in India at present, which gives a good picture to the scenario of paper industry. N.A


a) Opportunities

Scenario for future opportunities is bright. In the case of printing segment, the enactment of RIGHT TO EDUCATION, by the Parliament, much larger and increasing allocation of budgetary resources by the Central and State Governments, demand for text books and note books is robust. With government change at center, activities in financial sector have increased and in turn this should help to revive IPO market. Government is determined to introduce new legislation to curb food adulteration and enforce higher standards of safe and hygienic packaging. This will result in greater opportunities for the entire packaging industry.

Your Company is geared up to meet this challenge and is planning to expand its production capacity in the packaging field to capitalize on this new business opportunity.

b) Threats

Uncertainty regarding new policies or rules to be enforced for use of plastics in packaging and their impact on the pattern of demand for various types of packaging. The prices of raw materials are becoming unstable, and it may result in increase in the cost of production, thereby compelling the Company to re- align the prices in order to manage the risk.


Adverse or sudden changes in policies of environmental protection affecting use of plastics in packaging, international market conditions for petrochemicals affecting raw material prices and unstable demand scenario affecting export volumes and realizations are risk factors which can impact growth and profitability of the industry and your Company.


Human resource is the best resource of all the resources because it is the one which can properly take advantage of the other resources .It is the company belief that Human Resources is the driving force towards progress and success of the company. The Company seeks to motivate and retain its professionals by offering reasonable compensation and opportunity to grow in the organization. The total permanent employees strength of the company was 123 on 31st March 2020. Industrial relations remain cordial during the year.


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Actual results may differ from those expressed and implied. Important matters that effects the companys performance is the economic conditions of demand and supply and price conditions in the domestic and overseas market in which the Company operates, changes in the government regulations, tax laws and other statutes and other incidental factors.


The Companys Internal Audit Section operates under the guidance of a qualified Chartered Accountant on consultancy basis, to ensure internal checks and balances in finance and accounting aspects.


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