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This Management Discussion and Analysis Report addresses the expectations and Projections of the company for its future, about its Market Position, Market Development and Penetration, Expenditure, Financial Results, Risks and Concerns etc. However, the expectations shared herein are not limited to the Companys Growth. The Companys actual results, performance or achievements could differ from those shared herein.

Along with this noticeable acceleration in the growth rate of the Indian economy, Indias per capita income has increased at a rapid pace, levitating India into the middle-income category thus strengthening the economy even further from its roots. Simultaneously, the rising consumer demand has provided a further growth avenue for Indian firms making the domestic economy more robust.

However, while the long-term story remains positive, there are challenges in the short-term that will need to be addressed. These include high inflation, rising commodity prices, all time high oil prices, increasing fiscal deficits, global uncertainties and a variable domestic political scenario. However, given the structural shifts that have already taken place across the economy, we believe that we today stand on a strong foundation that will support sustained growth despite the short-term challenges that may emerge time and again.

On the other hand, our Management declares that, the financial statements have been prepared incompliance with the requirements of the Companies Act, 2013 guidelines issued by the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) in India.

Capital Market

The Indian financial sector is demonstrating sustained momentum. In recent years, reforms in the equity capital markets including continuous strengthening of the regulatory environment by SEBI, market-determined prices and allocation of resources, screen-based nation-wide trading, T+2 settlement, scripless settlement and electronic transfer of securities, rolling settlement and derivatives trading have greatly improved the efficiency of trading and settlement. The industry is also becoming more vibrant, with new categories of products and services being offered to meet the needs of an emerging economy.

In addition, the growth of the economy and Indian corporations has coincided with a sharp increase in foreign direct investment, including significant participation from private equity firms, a marked increase in investment in the real estate sector, increasing M&A activity, strong equity IPO market and a growing demand for credit from both corporations and consumers. With it, there has been a proliferation in the presence of intermediaries such as investment banks and securities firms that closely monitor the performance of the markets and provide extensive fundamental and technical research on the economy, sectors and companies. All of this has contributed significantly to the growth of the Indian capital markets.

Equity Market

The equity market comprising Private Equity, Primary Offerings and Secondary Offerings has emerged as one of the most preferred mode of fund mobilization for India Inc. Real estate, infrastructure, banking and financial services were the dominant sectors attracting about 55% of the total private equity investments.

The Indian equity markets have witnessed a strong rally since 2014 with the benchmark BSE Sensex crossing the 65,000 mark setting a historical high. Though the markets have seen some correction since then, the underlying drivers for the market, viz. strong domestic economic growth and growing corporate profitability remain intact, leading to committed international and domestic investor interest.

Industry Overview

The Company with its full capacity is venturing in to the business of computer and related services. The Company is carrying out business of business of providing outsourcing services for all processes, sub Processes, transactions, activities and all other work performed by business in various industries within India and across the world. This includes those process or sub processes that are enabled by information technology. It also includes data, voice or video collection and processing, call centre services including in bound and out bound calling services of all kinds, technical support, managed data centre, managed technical Centre, training centre, web support back office, business or financial analysis, scientific analysis, research work and analysis, storage, disaster recovery, accounting, pay roll, inventory management, customer relationship management, enterprises resources planning and to develop software, provide consultancy, software solution and services that are normally offered by the outsourcing business and information technology services providers, the software development houses and application services providers in India and abroad.


We continue to remain optimistic about the long-term India story and the opportunities that it will offer across sectors. The computer and related services sector is expected to grow rapidly in an expanding economic environment. However, in the short-term from time-to-time there will be challenges that will temper the outlook in the interim term. The economic environment and the capital markets in India have done extremely well over the last five years and some level of moderation is likely to take place in the short-term given the current macro-economic trends in both domestic and international markets.

Human Resources

The Company recognizes that its people have played a big role in making what the Company is today and therefore it accords top priority to attract and retain talent. The Company puts great emphasis on training and development of its employees to enhance efficiency. The Company believes in providing a fair compensation in line with industry norms and rewards them for good performance.

Risk and Concerns

The company has in place a robust risk management framework with overall governance and oversight from the Audit Committee and Board of Directors. Risk Assessment is conducted periodically & Company has a mechanism to identify, assess, mitigate and monitor various risks to key business objectives. Risk Assessment is a combination of bottom-up and top-down view of key risks facing the business across all segments and functions. All the risks were reviewed and assigned probability of materialization and potential impact based on deliberations with business leaders and independent assessment. Mitigation plans are designed, implemented and monitored on quarterly basis.

Internal Control System

The Company has an adequate internal audit and control system. The Internal audits are conducted by firms of Chartered Accountants, ably supported by an internal team staffed with qualified and experienced people. All operational activities are subject to internal audits at frequent intervals.

The existing audit and inspection procedures are reviewed periodically to enhance their effectiveness, usefulness and timeliness. The Company has a centralized Compliance Department which ensures compliance with all the applicable laws. In addition, it provides advice on general regulatory matters including formulating policies on prevention of Insider Trading, etc.

Cautionary Statement

Statements in this Management Discussion and Analysis Report may be forward looking statements: within the meaning of applicable securities laws and regulations. These statements are based on certain assumption and expectations of future events. Actual results could differ materially from those expressed or implied. Important facts that could make a difference at Companys operations include economic conditions affecting domestic demand and supply conditions, finished goods prices, changes in government regulations and tax regime etc. The Company assumes no responsibility to publicly amend, modify or revise any forward looking statements on the basis of subsequent developments, information or events.

Distribution Schedule as on 31.03.2023

Distribution Schedule as on 31.03.2023 SHALIMAR AGENCIES LIMITED

DISTRIBUTION SCHEDULE AS ON 31/03/2023 (To be made out for each class of security) CONSOLIDATED

T ota 1 Nominal Value Rs. 3, OO, 10,000. OO, Nominal Value Of Each S ha re/Unit 10.00/ -

Total Number Of Shares/Units 3001000, Paid Up Value Per Sha re/Unit Rs. 10.00/- Distinctive No(s) From 1 TO 3001000






1 - 5000 521 93.87 32931 329310 1.1


5001 - 10000 7 1.26 5654 56540 0.19


lOOOl - 20000 7 1.26 S5S6 35360 0.29


20001 - 30000 1 0.18 2426 24260 0.03


50001 - lOOOOO 2 0.36 16560 165600 0.55


100001 & Above 17 3.06 2934793 29347930 97.79
T ota 1: 555 100 3001000 30010000 lOO

Shareholding Pattern as on 31.03.2023 is as follows:

Category of shareholder No. of


No. of fully paid up equity shares held Total no shares held Shareholding as a % of total no. of shares (calculated as per SCRR. 19 57)As a % of (A+B+C2) No. of Voting Rights Total as a % of Total Voting right No. of equity shares held in dematerialized form
(A) Promoter & Promoter Group 1 18.67,738 18,67,738 62 24 18,67.738 62.24 18,67,738
<B) Public 561 11.33,262 11,33,262 37 76 11.33,262 37 76 10,68.162
(Cl) Shares underlying DRs 0 00 0.00
(C2) Shares held by Employee Trust 0.00 0.00
(C) Non Promoter-Non Public 0 00 0.00
Grand Total 562 30.01,000 30,01,000 100.00 30,01.000 100 00 29,35,900

I, NOMULA SRINIVAS, Whole Time Director (DIN: 07496152) of Shalimar Agencies Limited to the best of our knowledge and belief, certify that:

1. I have reviewed the financial statements for the year and that to the best of our knowledge and belief:

(a) These statements do not contain any materially untrue statement or omit any material fact or contain statements that might be misleading; (b) These statements present a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the Company and of the results of the operations and cash flows. The financial statements have been prepared in conformity, in all material respects, with the existing generally accepted accounting principles including accounting standards, applicable laws and regulations.

2. There are, to the best of our knowledge and belief, no transactions entered into by the Company during the year which are fraudulent, illegal or in violation of Companys code of conduct.

3. We accept overall responsibility for establishing and monitoring the Companys internal control system for financial reporting and evaluating its effectiveness. Internal Audit function monitors the internal control system for financial reporting, which encompasses the examination and evaluation of the adequacy and effectiveness. Internal Audit works with all levels of management and Statutory Auditors, and reports significant issues to the Audit Committee of the Board. The Auditors and Audit Committee are apprised of any corrective action taken with regard to significant deficiencies and material weakness.

4. We indicate to the Auditors and to the Audit Committee:

(a) Significant changes in internal controls over financial reporting during the year; (b) Significant changes in the accounting policies during the year;

(c) No instances of significant fraud of which we have become aware of and which involve the management or other employees who have significant role in the Companys internal control system over financial reporting.

Place: Hyderabad

For and on Behalf of the Board

Date: 02-09-2023

Whole Time Director
(DIN: 07496152)