Shanti Educational Initiatives Ltd Management Discussions.

(Management Discussion and Analysis is part of Directors Report for the Year Ended 31st March, 2019)

Unless indicated otherwise, the following discussion of our financial condition and results of operation is based on the audited financial statements for our Company for the year ended on 31st March, 2019, including annexures, schedules and notes thereon and the report thereon appearing in the Annual Financial Statements are prepared in accordance with the Companies Act and Indian GAAP, in each case, to comply with Accounting Standards and the relevant provisions of the Companies Act, 2013,

Indian Education and Business Overview

Education is one of the largest, most thriving industries in India. Our Company is a growing educational sector company, which is the key to nation building. It is also well-accepted that providing the right knowledge and skills to the youth can ensure fiscal and national progress. The countrys sustained financial growth is further boosting the demand for quality education. New opportunities in the pre-school segment include teachers training, inclusion of day care services, provisioning of after school extra-curricular activities and edutainment products. Our Company also intends to exploit the opportunities that are available in the Education Sector and our operations will cover all aspects for development of Education.

Pre-school Education

Indian pre-schools market is experiencing rapid growth, even among small towns and non-metros due to rising number of working mothers, increasing trend of nuclear families and escalating demand for high quality pre-school education for toddlers.


The industry in which we operate is highly competitive and fragmented. The organized players in the industry compete with each other by providing high quality-education and value added services. We have a number of competitors offering services similar to us. We believe that the principal elements of competition in educational sector are quality education, method of teaching, proper infrastructure and other related facilities and services.

General Economic and Business Conditions

As a Company with its complete operations in India, we are affected by general economic conditions in the country and in particular economic factors that affect the education sector in India.

Our Strength

- Significant experience and strong presence in Gujarat & other regions of India.

- Good Reputation and Brand Image.

- Experienced execution team & associates.

Internal Control System and Adequacy

The Company has an adequate internal control system commensurate with its size and the nature of its business in order to achieve efficiency in operation and optimum utilization of resources. These controls ensure safeguarding of assets, reduction and detection of fraud and error, adequacy and completeness of the accounting records and timely preparation of reliable financial information.

Discussion on financial performance with respect to operational performance

The Company has not incurred losses during the year under review.

Financial Results

? in Lakhs
Particulars As on 31.03.2019 As on 31.03.2018
Sales/Income from operations 1388.72 2194.58
Other Income 61.59 259.49
Total Income 1450.31 2454.07
Total Expense 1327.64 2185.52
Depreciation 31.75 34.35
Profit Before Tax 90.92 234.19
Tax 41.97 68.94
Profit After Tax 48.95 165.26


The Company has adequate Risk Management System and it faces the risk of competition from local players in the cities it expands. This risk is addressed by building a brand and processes to provide consumer centric services and quality education.

Development in Human Resources

Management is successful in building experienced team and nurture them to be leaders. Since the management has a long term vision, the challenge to recruit employees with the right knowledge and skill is very important.

Human Resources and Industrial Relations

During the year under review, your company had cordial and harmonious industrial relations at all the levels of organization. The Company believes that the industry has the tremendous potential to impact the society, nation and the world positively. Its employees are major stakeholders and their efforts have direct stake in the business prospects of the organization. The employees have extended a very productive cooperation in the efforts of the management to carry the Company to greater heights.

Forward looking and cautionary statements

Certain statements made in this report, are forward looking statements and actual results may differ from such expectations or projections about the future, as several factors would make significant difference to the Companys operations such as economic conditions affecting demand and supply, governments regulations, level of competitions prevailing at the relevant times, etc. The Company assumes no responsibility to public to amend, modify or revise any such statements on the basis of subsequent developments, information or events.