Shree Karthik Papers Ltd Management Discussions.

1. Industry structure and Developments

Paper industry is one among the high priority industries. The five year plan period 2012-17 concentrates on accelerating growth for Paper Industry. The continuous demand for increase in paper will require a considerable increase in supply from indigenous producers. Out of total paper mills in India, two thirds of the Mills use waste paper, agricultural wastes like saw dust, as their primary fibre source. The non availability of natural resources will automatically increase the demand of product from industries using Recycled/waste paper as their raw material.

2. Opportunities and Threats

The growth rate of recycled paper industry is assumed to increase by 10% per year. There are good growth opportunities and increase in demand. The excise duty has increased from Nil duty to 6.18% and this is one of the major burden on the industry. The major raw materials procurement from Mills using waste paper industry is from unrecognized sector. This accounts is for around 95% of total raw materials procurement. This affects continuous supply of raw material to the industry.

3. Outlook

The trend in consumption of papers and notebooks and eco friendly papers are increasing continuously. It will result in good demand for the industrial product.

4. Risk and concerns a. Non availability of raw materials in a continuous manner b. Frequent power cuts and power fluctuation c. Expansion of production capacity requires heavy capital investment.

5. Internal control

Internal control systems are designed to provide adequate financial control and accounting control and to implement accounting standards.

6. Material Development in Human Resources/ Industrial Relations Front including number of employees employed

Cordial relations have been maintained in the company. The company had 61 permanent employees as on March 2019.

7. Caution

The views and statements expressed or implied in the Management discussion and analysis are based on available information, experience and our own assessment.

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