Siddheswari Garments Ltd Management Discussions.

The Company’s main business activity was manufacturing and selling of knitted hosiery Garments to cater for the domestic market. But consequent to continuous labour unrest at the manufacturing unit, the company was forced to close down its production activities on a permanent basis and have bean continuing with Trading activities and investing the liquid funds to earn return on idle capital. However the directors are seriously examining viability of diverse project proposals to commence new ventures within the framework of the object clause of the Company’s memorandum of Association. In case a suitable project could be indentified within the limit of the Company’s available resources your directors- will not hesitate to take necessary actions for immediate implementation of the desired project and the matter will be placed before the members in a General Meeting for consideration and approval of applicable Resolutation there for as may be necessary.


Your Directors wish to place on records, their sincere appreciation of the Valuable co-operation and support received from the Financial Institutions, Banks, and Government Department and Agencies both at the Central and state levels. The Directors would .like to express thanks to the sincere services of Workers, staff and Executives of the Company.

Dated: 30.05.2018 By order of the Board
Place : Kolkata for Siddheswari Garments Limited
Uma Nath Singh
Sanjay Kr. Shah