Sonal Mercantile Ltd Management Discussions.

1. Industry Structure and Developments

Sonal Mercantile Limited is a NBFC and is engaged mainly in the business of providing Loans & Advances and also to make investment in both quoted and unquoted securities. The industry structure relevant to the Companys operations is mainly concerned with the Capital Market.

The NBFCs sector is undergoing a significant transformation at present and has come to be recognized as an important element of the Financial System. The recent issue in financial sector has highlighted the necessity, importance and significant role, the NBFCs play in development of nations infrastructure.

In the financial system of India, importance of NBFCs has been much discussed. RBI has been setting right its regulatory and supervising policies from time to time to keep pace with the changes in the environment.

NBFCs have been actively fuelling the growth of the economy especially the infrastructure part of the economy and have been supplementing the Banking system effectively and thus enhancing competition and diversification in the financial sector.

The NBFCs have attracted substantial investments during the recent years both from the retail and from the wholesale side. The growth also has been significant during this year. The NBFCs have been catalysts in accelerating the growth in the semi urban and rural areas. The projections made by RBI and other financial forecasts give substantial growth opportunities for the industry in the coming years.

NBFCs continued to grow their share in the financial services industry. This growth momentum of NBFCs should result in their share in the financial services sector increasing in the near future.

2. Business Overview

Your Company is engaged in the business of providing Loans & Advances and investment in Securities, both quoted and unquoted. Company can expect future growth and development in its business. The vision of the Company is very clear and the management wants to increase its scale of operations.

3. Opportunities and Threats

Capital markets at present are going through turbulent times. Although the inflation has remained steady during the year but it is still under pressure due to hike in petrol prices, burden of diesel subsidies, high fiscal deficit, etc. However, we feel that the opportunities will soon arise in the markets upon the corrective policies by the government and better fiscal management which will strengthen the economy.

The NBFC industry holds immense potential and the Government of Indias increased focus towards Financial Inclusion has created various opportunities for existing NBFCs to leverage on their established customer base in rural areas. The recent steps by the Government of India to create Infrastructure for NBFC and to provide banking license for NBFCs is a positive signal. The above opportunities have made the Industry highly competitive with the emergence of new category of systematically important NBFCs. Along with existing local and Multinational players leading to tough competition within the industry.

4. Segment-Wise Performance

The Company is engaged only into single reportable segment during the year under review.

5. Outlook

Your Company has not decided to enter into new field. It is exploring various business opportunities but nothing concrete has been derived. Barring unforeseen circumstances your directors hope to find some concrete business opportunity to expand the business of the Company.

6. Risk and Concern</P>

Your Company at present is exposed to the normal industry risk factor of volatility in interest rate, economic cycle and credit risk. It has not yet decided its future course of activities. The impact of new activity, as when decided, will be known in the future.

7. Adequacy of Internal Control

The established Internal Control System of your Company are adequate to ensure that all the activities are monitored and controlled against any misuse or misappropriation of asset and that the transactions are authorized, recorded and reported correctly. More so, these internal control systems are regularly monitored by the audit committee of your Company and are improved upon on regular basis.

8. Discussion on Financial Performance with respect to Operational Performance

The brief on Financial Performance of the Company is already provided in the Boards Report of the Company.

9. Human Resource Development

The Company believes that its people are a key differentiator, especially in knowledge driven, competitive and global business environment. Adapting work culture to suit the dynamic balancing of people requirements and employee needs is an ongoing process. Our people are the companys greatest assets. Your company focuses on increasing the overall productivity per employee in the challenging market conditions. Men are the only active agent and acts as a catalyst in effective utilization of all other Ms (Material, Machine and Money). The Board of Directors of your company would like to place on record their sincere appreciation for the efforts and contribution made by all the employees of the Company in the challenging environment. Your Directors take this opportunity to thank all employees for rendering impeccable services to every constituent of Company, customers and shareholders. The Company has a well-defined appraisal system to assess and reward the employees appropriately and also to gauge the potentials of the individuals.

10. Cautionary Statement

Investors are cautioned that this discussion contains statements that involve risks and uncertainties. Words like anticipate, believe, estimate intend, will, expect and other similar expressions are intended to identify Forward Looking Statements. The company assumes no responsibility to amend, modify or revise any forward looking statements, on the basis of any subsequent developments, information or events. Actual results could differ materially from those expressed or implied. Important factors that could make the difference to the Companys operations include cyclical demand and pricing in the Companys principal markets, changes in Government Regulations, tax regimes, economic developments within India and other incidental factors.


Your Directors would like to express their sincere appreciation of the co-operation and assistance received from the shareholders, bankers and other government agencies during the year under review.

For and on Behalf of the Board
Sonal Mercantile Limited
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Vikram Goyal Rajan Goyal
Date: June 12, 2019 Whole Time Director Director
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