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Industry Structure and Development:

Tea Industry:

Originally tea is indigenous to the Eastern and Northern parts of India, but the tea industry has expanded and grown tremendously over the years, making India the largest grower and producer of tea in the world. In terms of consumption, export and production of tea, India is the world leader. It accounts for 31% of the global production of tea. India has retained its leadership over the tea industry for the last 150 years. The total turnover of this industry is roughly Rs.10, 000 crores. Since 1947, the tea production in India has increased by 250% and the land are used for production has increased by 40%.

Even the export sector of India has experienced an increase in the export of this commodity. The total net foreign exchange in India is roughly Rs.1847 crores per annum. The tea industry in India is labor intensive, meaning it depends heavily on human labor instead of machines. This industry provides employment to more than 1.1 million Indian workers and almost half the workforce constitutes of women.

Segment wise or product wise performance:


There are mainly two ways of producing tea in India namely the CTC production and Orthodox production. CTC is an acronym for crush, tear and curl. The tea produced by this method is mostly used in tea bags. The orthodox production method consists of five stages, namely withering, rolling, fermentation, drying and finally storing. It is not possible to compare the two varieties because their quality depends on factors such as rainfall, soil, wind and the method of plucking of tea leaves and both possess a unique charm of their own. Your Company?s focus has always been to produce better quality of tea and achieve better prices. The production capacity has been expanded to manufacture more CTC and Green Tea. The plantation continues to make continuous progress.


Your Company is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of tea processing machinery in tea Industries not only in domestic market as well in overseas. The Management always focuses to satisfy customer requirements not only with our product but also with our conduct to create Goodwill for your company in the Industry.

Risks and Concerns:

Tea industry is an agricultural industry and its performance is dependent on vagaries of nature. The industry is highly labour intensive and is subject to stringent Labour Laws. Shortage of skilled labour, during peak season is some pockets are also a cause for concern. In any business, risks and opportunities are inseparable components. The Company?s management keep this in mind while taking decisions to ensure that stakeholders are not adversely affected.

Discussion on Financial Performance with respect to operational performance:

The Company?s financial position is strong enough which has helped company to pass through in turbulent times. The development work in garden is always given top priority for improvement in quantity as well as quality. The surplus fund in the Company is deployed in such a way that reasonable returns are derived.

Internal Control System and their adequacy:

The Company implemented internal control systems to ensure that all assets are safeguarded and protected against losses and all transactions are recorded and reported correctly. The Company has laid down policies, guidelines and procedures, which form part of its internal control system. The Company?s internal control system are periodically tested and supplemented by an extensive programme of internal audit by independent firm of Chartered Accountants. Audits are finalized and conducted based on internal risk assessment. Significant findings are brought to the notice of the Audit Committee of the Board and corrective measures are recommended for implementation.

Material development in human resources and industrial relations:

Tea industry is highly Labour intensive and human resources form the core of operations. Focus on better deployment of Labour in garden area has resulted in improving productivity both quantitative and qualitative. Industrial relations in all tea estates and units continued to be cordial.

Cautionary statement:

The statements in the report of the Board of Directors and the Management?s Discussion and Analysis Report describing the Company?s projections, estimates, expectations or predictions may be forward looking statements within the meaning of applicable securities Laws and Regulations. Actual results could differ materially from those expressed or implied. Further Tea industry depends on vagaries of nature and any adverse favorable situation can reverse the whole situation.

By order of the board of Directors For T & I Global Ltd.
Place: Kolkata Sajjan Bagaria
Dated: 12th August, 2022 Executive Chairman