Tainwala Chemicals & Plastics (India) Ltd Management Discussions.


Tainwala Chemicals and Plastics (India) Limited is engaged in the business of manufacturing extruded plastic sheets of various polymers like PVC, PP, PPGL, HDPE, ABS etc. from 0.5 mm to 30 mm thickness. These sheets have diverse application in the fabrication of industrial equipments, lining of chemical tanks, signboards, automobiles and white goods industry as well as pollution control equipment. These sheets are a very good substitute for conventional materials like wood, metal etc. due to its advantages of being tough, light and anti-corrosive.


The Plastic Sheet industry has come a long way in India in the last decade. From a few sheet extrusion lines manufacturing engineering plastics, the number of manufacturers has grown almost three fold today. With new entrants in the industry there is excess capacity, as a result of which competition has increased. In spite of the stiff competition your Company is numero uno in the manufacture of PVC Extruded sheets manufacturing and marketing the widest range of PVC Extruded sheet of varying thickness from 0.5 mm to 30 mm. Your Company enjoys a majority market share in the PVC Extruded Sheets, in polypropylene sheets, though there are a large number of manufacturers, we continue to remain one of the few manufacturers of superior quality polypropylene sheets.


During the year under review the Company achieved Turnover of Rs. 646.76 lakhs. The Company continues to focus on tight working capital management. Stringent cost control measures have been initiated and implemented.


Your management has been identifying new areas of application where plastic sheets can replace traditional materials like stainless steel, asbestos, iron etc. The market for PVC Engineering Sheets is set to grow since sheets are mainly used as Pollution Control Equipment, in Waste Water Treatment applications, Sewage Treatment Plants as well as Portable Water Treatment Plants. As our economy moves from a developing to a developed one, the Sewage Treatment Plants and Portable Water Treatment as well as Effluent Treatment plants for treating industrial waste are a must. These are essential for preventing water pollution of both river as well as ground water and for providing safe drinking water to the countrys Population. The Governments Policy on social sector development in areas such as low cost housing, safe sewage disposal and safe drinking water will increase the demand for PVC Sheets. In recent years the government has been according high priority to social development measures. The World Bank and other International Regional Development Banks are coming forward to finance these projects in the developing countries including India. The Government of India has decided to implement these projects on priority basis as part of the social welfare measures. Thus it is an indication that the future outlook for PVC Extruded Engineering Sheets is bright.

The Plastic industry in India symbolizes a promising industry and is creating new employment opportunities for the people of India. The per capita consumption of plastic products in India is growing and is moving towards 2.5 times GDP growth. The Government of India is trying to set up the economic reforms to elevate and boost the plastic industry by joint venturing, foreign investments and entrepreneurs are trying to provide high quality plastic products, so that it becomes a booming industry.


The PVC Extruded sheets are not only in demand in the domestic market, but also exports are expected to grow. This is because of the growing demand for these Sheets from the SAARC countries for applications in similar pollution control projects as those undertaken in our country. Similarly demand for PVC Extruded Plastic Sheets is also expected from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries.

As these countries resort to cost cutting exercises due to a fall in the oil prices, they look forward to India as a potential low cost supplier for their requirements.

In spite of the immense opportunities for growth of the PVC Extruded Engineering Plastic Sheet Industry, this industry faces certain risk, especially since demand for PVC Sheets depends on the various projects undertaken by the government. China made products are also threat to the Company.


The business activities of the Company comprises of two business segments i.e. Plastic Sheets and Securities trading and all the business operations are in India only.


The company makes responsible approaches towards Risk Management on an integrated basis to cover all aspects of operations to diminish each or a combination of known risks that could affect its business. The company has a comprehensive insurance coverage and breakdown coverage for all its electronic equipments to protect all its assets from such damages.

Apart from the above, the Company has a well-documented Risk Management System. The Company does identify a few risks, which are purely routine in nature and none of any significant impact. There is a mitigation system in place which addresses these risks as part of routine management process.


Your Company has a system of internal controls commensurate with the size of its operation and nature of business to ensure optimum utilization and protection of resources, speedy and accurate reporting of financial transactions in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The Company has an internal audit department which monitors and supplements the Companys operations through regular audits. The Board has also constituted an audit committee which meets periodically inter-alia to review the financial results, and the accuracy of financial records.


The Company believes that the success of an Organization largely depends on the quality of its workforce and hence has always recognized people as its key workforce. The belief ‘great people create great organizations has been at the core of the Companys approach to its people. The Company has created a favorable work environment that encourages innovation and meritocracy.

Employee relations both at the office and at the factory have remained cordial and peaceful throughout the year.


Your Company considers R & D as crucial for sustained growth of the Company and has in-house test facility at its factory premises.


Any statements made in this report relating to Companys perception of future outlook, objectives, expectations etc. may be considered as forward looking within the meaning of applicable securities laws and regulations which may differ from the actual results. Factors that would make difference to Company operations include competition, price realization, forex market, changes in government policies and regulations, tax regimes, economic development and other incidental factor