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Industry Structure & Development

India has a diversified financial sector with banks, non banking financial companies, mutual funds, pension funds, cooperatives, insurance companies etc. As per the financial stability report of RBI, Indias financial system remains stable and Asset quality of Non-Banking Financial Companies also improved.

Opportunity and Threats

The Capital market witnessed ups and downs during 2016-17, but overall the market was quite stable and growing. There were various opportunities and threats during the ups and downs. Uncertainty in Global Markets due to recessionary environment poses threat for downtrend in Capital Markets. However, the management took possible steps to cash in on various opportunities and at times also observed closely which may lead to the erosion of investments.

Segment wise or product wise performance

The Company has three reportable segments viz. sale and purchase of shares (Trading and Investment),

Financing Business (Granting of Unsecured Loans), etc.


The Share market looks very solid in long term. Reports of various agencies and leading economists reflect that there is an early sign of revival of economic growth with strong positive sentiments. Growth in GDP numbers and other economic parameters being positive overall economic scenario looks favorable for coming years.

Risk and Concern

Risk is an inherent part of any business but risk can be managed. We have a clearly formulated risk management system in place to identify both external and internal risk and to take appropriate corrective action on time.

Internal Control System and their Adequacy

The Company has an adequate system of internal control implemented by the management towards achieving efficiency in operations, optimum utilization of resources and effective monitoring thereof and compliance with applicable laws.

The Companies internal controls are founded on sound internal audit practices. The experienced professionals take care of the internal control systems.

Financial performance vis--vis operational performance

The Company earned a profit of Rs. 38.28 Lakhs during 2016-17 as compared to Rs. 29.40 Lakhs during 2015-16.

The operational income was Rs. 482.72 Lakhs as compared to Rs. 354.17 Lakhs during the previous year.

Material Development in Human Resources

The Management and Employees enjoy a cordial relationship and objective of both of them are in line to meet with the overall objectives of the company.


Your Director would like to express their grateful appreciation for the assistance and continued co-operation extended by the Bankers, Government Agencies, Shareholders, customers, and wish to place on record their deep sense of commitment shown by the employees at all levels and acknowledge their contribution for the smooth operation of the Company during the year under report.

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Manju Singla Naresh Kumar Singla
Managing Director Director
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Date: 31.08.2017
Place: Delhi