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a) Internal Control Systems and their Adequacy:

Management has put in place effective Internal Control Systems to provide reasonable assurance for:

Safeguarding Assets and their usage.

Maintenance of Proper Accounting Records and

Adequacy and Reliability of the Information used for carrying on Business Operations.

b) Key elements of the Internal Control Systems are as follows:

(i) Existence of Authority Manuals and periodical updating of the same for all Functions.

(ii) Existence of clearly defined organizational structure and Authority.

(iii) Existence of corporate policies for Financial Reporting and Accounting.

(iv) Existence of Management information system updated from time to time as may be required. (v) Existence of Annual Budgets and Long-Term Business Plans.

(vi) Existence of Internal Audit System.

(vii)Periodical review of opportunities and risk factors depending on the Global / Domestic Scenario and to undertake measures as may be necessary.

The Company has appointed an Independent Auditor to ensure compliance and effectiveness of the Internal Control Systems in place. The Audit Committee is regularly reviewing the Internal Audit Reports for the auditing carried out in all the key areas of the operations additionally, the Audit Committee approves all the audit plans and reports for significant issues raised by the Internal and External Auditors. Regular reports on the business development, future plans and projections are given to the Board of Directors. Internal Audit Reports are regularly circulated for perusal of Senior Management for appropriate action as required.

Normal foreseeable risks of the Companys assets are adequately covered by comprehensive insurance. Risk assessments, inspections and safety audits are carried out periodically.

c) Financial and Operational Performance:

The details are already furnished under “Activity and Performance”.

d) Human Resources Development and Industrial Relations:

The Company for its employees offering various incentives and other welfare schemes to motivate the employees. The Companys relationship with its work force is cordial.

e) Cautionary Statement:

Statements in the Management Discussion and Analysis and Directors Report describing the

Companys strengths, strategies, projections and estimates, are forward-looking statements and Progressive within the meaning of applicable laws and regulations. Actual results may vary from those expressed or implied, depending upon economic conditions, Government Policies and other incidental factors. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on the forward- looking statements.

Key Financial Ratios

The details are furnished under Note No. 39 of Financial Statements

For and on behalf of the Board of Directors



Date:04-08-2023 (DIN: 00081374) (DIN: 00077409)