Debock Industrie Management Discussions


Incorporated in 2008, Our Company Debock Industries Limited (Formerly known as Debock Sales and Marketing Limited) is Company engaged in the business of manufacturing of agricultural equipment. We are manufacturer and suppliers of range of agricultural equipment mainly Tractor Trolley, Agricultural Thresher, Mould Board Ploughs, Mounted Disc Ploughs, Tillers, Tanker, Combine Machine, Seed Drill Machine, Mounted Disc Harrows, Tractor Cultivators, Chaff Cutters etc. Our Company is also engaged in the hospitality services. Keeping in consideration the future concept of tourism in Rajasthan particularly in Deoli district area where there is no better option of hotels are available Company decided to commence its business in hospitality services by opening a class hotel (Hotel Debock Inn) in July 2015 at Deoli in Tonk District on NH -12 in July 2015. In this regard the Company entered into a MOU with Rajasthan Government. Our manufacturing facilities are located at Panwad Mod, NH-12, Gopipura Post, Deoli, Tonk Rajasthan and are well equipped with required facilities to facilitate smooth manufacturing process. We endeavor to maintain safety in our premises by adhering to key safety norms. Our manufacturing process is completely integrated from procurement of raw materials and final testing for direct use of our customers. Our Promoter, Mukesh Manveer Singh has more than20 Years of experience respectively in the Business of Real Estate Development, Hotels, Townships, manufacturing of Agriculture equipment and C&F agent of ACE Brand Tractors for Rajasthan.

The single largest contributing Sector to the Indian Economy is the Agriculture. It alone accounts for up to 16% of the Indian GDP. GST was supposed to have more of a greater indirect impact on the Agriculture Sector. GST was supposed to bring about a paradigm shift in the transportation industry. Slow and plagued transportation was a major reason for inappropriate distribution of agricultural products as well as their cost. GST was touted to create a unified and first of its kind National Market for the agricultural products. The impact of GST on agricultural sector is foreseen to be positive. GST is essential to improve the transparency, reliability, timeline of supply chain mechanism.

Under the Goods and Service Tax, the hospitality sector stands to reap the benefits of standardized and uniform tax rates, and easy and better utilization of input tax credit. The Indian hospitality and tourism industry, which was pegged at US$ 136.2 billion at the end of 2016, is one of the sectors which will see major changes post-July. The Tourism and Hospitality industry in India is expected to grow to US$ 280.5 billion by 2026, and the initial hiccups after GST implementation are highly unlikely to impede this growth.

Also, the Rajasthan is the biggest source of various metals, minerals, stones and other such valuable items which have huge demand not only in the country but also outside India in Foreign markets.

Seeing the tremendous growth seeking new opportunities, the Company entered in to the business of Mining & Quarrying and thus acquires mining land near Kekri in Ajmer District for mining of Granite, Marble and other stones.

Our Strengths:

• Strong Presence in Jaipur.

• Well-known Brand Image and reputation.

• Focus on Quality Products.

• Well qualified and Experienced Management team.

• Cordial relationship between management and labour.

Factors affecting our results of operations:

Our Companys future results of operations could be affected potentially by the following factors:

• Companys ability to successfully implement our growth strategy;

• Changes in technology;

• Political Stability of the Country;

• Investment Flow in the country from the other countries;

• Competition from other players;

• Changes in law and laws and regulations;

• General economic and business condition;

• Operational guidance and support.


We believe there is significant demand of agricultural equipment mainly Tractor Trolley, Agricultural Thresher, Mould Board Ploughs, Mounted Disc Ploughs, Tillers, Tanker, Combine Machine, Seed Drill Machine, Mounted Disc Harrows, Tractor Cultivators, Chaff Cutters in this category across the country. There is a strong upturn in the hospitality sector as well.

Threats & Challenges

Unfavorable changes in government policies and the regulatory environment can adversely impact the performance of the sector. Retrospective policy changes and regulatory bottlenecks may impact profitability and affect the attractiveness of the sector and companies operating within the sector.

Internal Financial Control Systems and Their Adequacy

The Companies Act, 2013 re-emphasizes the need for an effective Internal Financial Control system in the Company. The system should be designed and operated effectively. Rule 8(5)(viii) of Companies (Accounts) Rules, 2014 requires the information regarding adequacy of Internal Financial Controls with reference to the financial statements to be disclosed in the Boards report.

The Companys internal control system is commensurate with the nature, size and complexities of operations. Adequate records and documents are maintained as required by laws. The company has established well defined polices and processes across the organization covering the major activities. The Companys audit Committee reviewed the internal control system on an ongoing basis keeping in mind the growth prospects and ever evolving business environment. Audit committee reviews proper implementation of corrective measures. All efforts are being made to make the internal control systems more effective.

To ensure effective Internal Financial Controls the Company has laid down the following measures:

• All legal and statutory compliances are ensured on a monthly basis. Non-compliance, if any, is seriously taken by the management and corrective actions are taken immediately. Any amendment is regularly updated by internal as well as external agencies in the system.

• Approval of all transactions is ensured through a pre-approved Delegation of Authority Schedule which is reviewed periodically by the management.

• The Company follows a robust internal audit process. Transaction audits are conducted regularly to ensure accuracy of financial reporting, safeguard and protection of all the assets. Fixed Asset verification of assets is done on an annual basis.

Discussions on Financial Performance Vis-A-Vis Operational Performance

During the year under review, the Company registered revenue of Rs 14640.09 lacs as against revenue of Rs 9736.68 lacs during preceding financial year.

Our margins and performance were remarkable due to increase in prices of final products of the Company. The Company recorded a Net Profit of Rs. 1286.59 Lacs in FY 2022-23 on y-o-y basis as compared to profit of Rs. 672.61 Lacs in FY 2021-22. Your Directors are optimistic about companys business and hopeful of better performance with increased revenue in the coming year. There was no change in the nature of business of Company.


The Company has major growth in manufacturing in Agricultural Machine production, and looking into creating the market in mining sector.


The Company has positive outlook towards the growth of the Company. Currently company is dealing in manufacturing of Agricultural Equipments and Mining.

Risks and Concerns

Every business has both Risk and Return and they are inseparable. As a responsible management, the Companys principal endeavor is to maximize returns. The Company continues to take all steps necessary to minimize its expenses through detailed studies and interaction with experts. Our senior management identifies and monitors the risk on regular basis and evolves process and system to control and minimize it. With regular check and evaluation business risk can be forecasted to the maximum extent and thus corrective measures can be taken in time.

Human Resources

Management is doing successfully in building experienced team and nurturing them to be leaders. The main motive of the company is trust, integrity, teamwork, innovation, performance and partnership. Various Departments are headed by Professional Qualified Personal, helping our business to remain competitive, achieve greater success and newer milestone.


During the year, on the Financial Statement, there was no significant change in the financial ratios compared to that of the previous year.

Return on Net Worth

During the year, there was no significant change in the return on the Net Worth compared to that of the previous year.

Cautionary Statement

The report may contain certain statements that the Company believes are, or may be considered to be "forward looking statements "that describe our objectives, plans or goals. All these forward looking statements are subject to certain risks and uncertainties, including but limited to, Government action, economic development, risks inherent in the Companys growth strategy and other factors that could cause the actual results to differ materially from those contemplated by the relevant forward looking statements.

By the order of the Board
For Debock Industries Limited
(Formerly known as Debock Sales & Marketing Limited)
Mukesh Manveer Singh
DIN: 01765408
Chairman & Managing Director
Place: Jaipur
Dated: 04/09/2023